Never Ignore These Warning Signs of Brain Tumor

If you notice these signs in your body, get yourself checked for brain tumor to prevent yourself from getting this deadly disease.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Dec 28, 2019Updated at: Dec 28, 2019
Never Ignore These Warning Signs of Brain Tumor

The brain is the most important organ which has got control of the human body. It is impossible to lead a life if your brain health is affected. Even a small issue in the brain can disrupt the entire system disabling the person as your brain is connected to all other body parts. However, the cases of brain disorders or neurodegenerative diseases are on the rise. Only poor diet and unhealthy or sedentary lifestyle aren’t to be blamed, it is our ignorance towards the small warning signs that we ignore! Be is a headache or lethargy. These small-looking problems can signal the onset of any underlying disease such as brain tumor. Many people lose their lives to brain tumor after ignoring these warning signs.

Brain tumour is deadly but timely detection and immediate medical consultation can prevent serious health damage. Ignoring the early signs of this disease may make it incurable. If you are also not aware of the alarming signs of brain tumor, watch out for these 4 changes in the body. This can save your life!

Sign #1- weakness in one part of the face

After a headache, one of the most prominent early signs of brain tumor is a pain in the face. While pain in other body parts is quite common, facial pain is something that isn’t usually felt. Due to brain tumor, we feel weak in the face or any part of the body. Therefore, in case of such a condition, do not ignore it at all and consult a doctor immediately.

facial pain

Sign #2- Lethargy

If you get less sleep than you used to get before, this isn’t a good sign. Also, if you feel lethargic throughout the day, do not ignore it as this means something is fishy with your body. Due to excessive pressure on the brain, sleep gets affected. The sufferer might not get sleep in the night but feels sleepy the entire day, which might signal towards brain tumor.

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Sign #3- Impact on physical activity

It is like losing a person's memory before having a brain tumor. Not only this, he starts having problems such as difficulty walking, weakness in one part of the body, lack of smelling power and difficulty in speaking. All these symptoms can be a sign of brain tumor.


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Sign #4- Seizure

The earliest sign of brain tumor is associated with your hands, feet and body. If you have problems with your hands, feet and body and also have muscle spasms, consult a doctor immediately. Along with this, frequent seizures and sudden unconsciousness are also a sign of serious disease like brain tumor.

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