Do You Oftentimes Feel Like An Emotional Fool? You Might Be Going Through Emotional Trauma

If you get emotional on small things, you might be suffering from emotional trauma. Read all the signs and symptoms of emotional trauma.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Dec 24, 2019Updated at: Dec 24, 2019
Do You Oftentimes Feel Like An Emotional Fool? You Might Be Going Through Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma can happen to anyone and it can have a very bad effect on your normal life as well. Sometimes trauma can be very dangerous, due to which it may take a long time to become normal. This is a common problem, trauma can also be caused by a major accident or a sudden accident. A large number of people struggle with emotional trauma. Many times we are not able to handle the loss of a person or a relationship, in which most of the cases we emerge from that event, but many times it does not happen. Everyone handles problems differently, in which many people deal with their pain and express grief in different ways. At the same time some cry and some just express it by getting angry and upset. But in the midst of all this, some people do not bear that sorrow or truth and fall victim to emotional trauma. It is very important for you to be able to recognize the signs of emotional trauma, Because it can make it easier for you to accept it. A person suffering from emotional trauma should be able to notice its signs and learn to understand and accept it.

Signs of emotional trauma 

1. Unable to handle emotions   

flow of emotions

Your feelings are right in their place. But when you are unable to handle your emotions and you are struggling to understand your own thoughts and feelings, then you become cautious. Being difficult to understand and keep emotions under control is a sign of emotional trauma. Apart from this, you should not be able to understand anything and do something in your mind.

2. Sudden changes in nature  

If there are some sudden changes in your nature, then these can also be signs of going into emotional trauma. You do not feel yourself like that and you feel that you have changed. You do not feel like doing the things that you usually loved or that you enjoyed doing. You may also experience social anxiety or simply feel like avoiding your close friends and you are completely cut off from people.

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3. Feeling of negativity and despair 

feeling negavtive

If you feel frustrated, as if you feel that nothing is ever going right and you are unable to find meaning in anything. You may even have a negative attitude towards things or people. It may seem that life has no meaning, it can also be a sign of a trauma. 

In addition, you may be losing confidence and feeling negative. You may feel like you don't deserve it and everything you do is just wrong.

4. Feeling lost

Most of the time you are lost or lost in your fantasy world. Also, it may feel like your head has stopped working and it is getting harder to think straight and be logical. Even you can blame yourself for any mistake.

lack of confidence

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5. Find ways to harm yourself 

If you are finding it very difficult to leave the past and you are looking for ways to harm yourself to deal with it, this is also one of the signs of trauma. You can be full of anger and negativity and you can't stop thinking about everything that went wrong.

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