Fight Winter Seasonal Affective Disorder By Implementing These Simple Tips

Winter seasonal affective disorder isn’t very common but a lot of people don’t even know that they are suffering from this kind of depression.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 22, 2019 14:24 IST
Fight Winter Seasonal Affective Disorder By Implementing These Simple Tips

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Depression is a very common term and everybody knows and understands what this condition is. But several types of depression are still unheard just like seasonal affective disorders. SAD is a kind of depression that hits a particular season. Winter SAD is the one that arises the cold season where a person feels sad and depressed throughout the season. 

A Brief About Winter Seasonal Affective Depression

The winter season is here! While most of the people rejoice this season for snowfall, winter warmers, hot chocolates, gajar ka halwa, and what not! Contrarily, some people feel dreary as winter approaches. Depression kicks in with climate change which indicates winter seasonal affective disorder. This lasts from the beginning until the end of the season. 

Signs and Symptoms of Winter SAD

  • Feeling gloomy throughout the day
  • Fatigue
  • Oversleeping
  • Not wanting to go out
  • Changes in appetite
  • Poor concentration
  • Loss of interest
  • Weight gain

A person with SAD stops socializing and starts to live alone. They do no like interactions and feel lazy all the time. It becomes difficult to control their thoughts and mind which puts them to a state of depression. This condition can be treated medically but these medicines have their downsides. Also, these do not promise long-term effects as winter depression might come again the next year.


The best way to control this condition at your end is by making some simple changes in your diet and lifestyle.

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Go outside in sunlight

Depression is synonymous with darkness. Sunlight is important to come out of this condition. Do you know why people love to sit in the sun in the winter days? It is because the sun gives the warmth that your mind and body need to fight the tough climate. Sunlight can help to cope with SAD. Just spend a couple of hours in the sun daily.

Do not stop socializing

By socializing we don’t mean social media. It means face-to-face interaction with people especially those you’re close to. These would help you fight the condition and you’ll feel light and better around them.

Winter seasonal affective disorder

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Watch your diet

Binge eating is common for a person with depression. They eat mindlessly which triggers weight gain making them more depressed.

  • First, become a mindful eater.
  • Second, eat foods that are rich in vitamin D as it is known to help fight SAD.

Stay active

While the weather outside might not be pleasant enough for a walk, exercise indoors. Instead of being a couch potato, get up and do some exercise at home. This would definitely better your mood.

Winter seasonal affective disorder tips

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Go on a trip

Sometimes, escapism is necessary as it is in this case. To ease the feeling, go for a long drive or a short trip to a warm place. Take your partner or friends along to make this trip a memorable one.

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