Natural treatment with water

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May 14, 2010

Water therapy is a natural treatment for controlling diseases and keeping the body hydrated. All it needs is drinking a few glasses of water and following instructions to a 'T'.


When we reach home tired from work, nothing else refreshes us better than a glass of water. Did you ever wait and think for a minute how water  adds quality to our life? Water therapy has proved that 'water is life' indeed. Read on to know how health conscious people have made it  their lifestyle, sometimes in lieu of yoga and meditation… 


What is water therapy?


Water therapy is just like daily exercising or gymming.  You just have to drink 1.5 litres of water each day and follow the instructions. It's considered  a natural remedy for most diseases.


Instructions for following  water therapy:


You can prevent or even get rid of diseases by  drinking water. 

o  Drink five to six glasses of water as soon as you get up in the morning, even before brushing your teeth.

o  You can start with three to four glasses initially.

You should drink 1.5 liters of water each time and continue the routine for a week followed by 1.5 liters of water twice a day. This helps in arthritis or rheumatics also.

Most importantly, consult your doctor if water therapy will suit your body.


Water therapy is so simple that it does not require expert supervision or professional guidance. It almost feels like water is a magical drink. So much so that Dr Digvijay Singh of AIIMS says that it is believed that water controls constipation in one day, acidity in two days , diabetes in seven days , gastric ailments in ten days and BP   hypertension in four weeks.


 Remember, too much of anything is bad, cautions Prachi Singh , fitness expert.  Practice water therapy according to given instruction and avoid overdoing it., she adds. Water therapy is also a relief for expectant mothers.


"Imagine being weightless while you are heavy with a child," says Sarah Jones, an expectant mother who is  practicing water therapy. Aquatic therapy feels great when one is expecting, says Kiran Das, a gynecologist.


"There are numerous reasons why this is so. Some mothers- to- be enjoy how comfortable and stress free their bodies feel. Even if it is just walking or stretching in a pool is the most you can manage, your body and your baby will greatly appreciate it," she adds.

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