Nail Care for Brides

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Apr 29, 2013

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Nail Care for Brides

While regular manicures and pedicures help to keep the hands and feet in good condition, the pre-bridal Manicure and Pedicure may be done the day before the wedding.

As far as nail care is concerned, it can be started weeks before the wedding. The nails can be strengthened by massaging with cream and oils. Pure almond oil helps to strengthen the nails and keep it in good condition. Dip the finger tips and nails in warm almond oil daily for about ten minutes and then massage the oil on and around the nails. The cuticle (skin surrounding the nail) should be kept soft and smooth. Otherwise, it sticks to the nail and gets dragged as the nail grows. This causes the skin to get stretched and torn. Never cut the cuticle. Massage them, so that it softens the skin. Then push cuticles back gently using a cotton bud. Avoid using sharp instruments to clean under the nails. Wrap cotton wool around a thin stick, or use a cotton bud to clean under the nails.

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A weekly manicure goes a long way in keeping the nails and hands in good condition. Nowadays hand spa treatments and deluxe manicures, along with wax treatments are available.

Nail art has become a specialised field nowadays. In the past, simple ways of nail art were followed, but now it is a highly creative field that also includes artificial nails. As part of nail design, nail polish is applied in unusual colours like green, blue or purple for some time now. Or, different colours are used for each nail. Another trend is to use narrow strips of three different colours on each nail. For a gala evening, gold or silver varnish is used and glittering stars are stuck on the nails. Now it is an entire field in which creativity can be put to good use. One can make a fashion statement with the nails.

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Many techniques of painting and polishing nails are used, as well as nail piercing, which is a more recent trend, where even the nails are decorated with jewellery. It is again a way of expressing one's creativity and even personality. The fact that it is painless encourages more and more experimentation. Acrylic nails and nail gels have also become very popular, because of the vast opportunities they offer, in terms of colour and nail art. They are also convenient to use, specially if you have brittle or chipped nails. In fact, they are ideal for special occasions.

French Manicures are also popular with brides. One can get a professional nail stylist to do them up with false tips in acrylic. Or, you can even do French manicure at home. The style can be the square shape of the nails, or if you prefer, you can shape the nails into the normal oval shape.
Gel designs and nail art can be done on French manicure too. Diamantes, beads, sequins, glitter, tattoos, stones have all become a part of nail art.

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