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Expert Debunks Myths About Contact Lenses

If you are opting to wear contact lenses, you should learn everything about it to make the best choice for yourself.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Apr 04, 2023 11:33 IST
Expert Debunks Myths About Contact Lenses

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If you want to correct your vision without covering your face with frames, contact lenses are a great alternative to spectacles. They are affordable, practical, and efficient, and they are available in a range of variants to meet various needs. However, many people are afraid to use contact lenses as they often hear several myths that make them ditch their plans. If you are opting to wear contact lenses, you should learn everything about it to make the best choice for yourself.

We spoke to our expert Dr Ajay Sharma Chief Medical Director of EyeQ, who stated facts about contact lenses and debunked its myths.

Myth 1: Contact lenses are uncomfortable to wear

That is incorrect. Contact lenses are made to feel like a natural part of your eye and to fit comfortably over the eye. It could take some time to become used to wearing contact lenses when you first start, but once you do, you won't even notice they're there.

Myth 2: Contact lenses are expensive 

Depending on the type and brand you choose, contact lenses come in a variety of pricing ranges. Although some contact lenses can cost more than glasses, some are more reasonably priced. To choose the sort of contact lens that will suit your needs and lifestyle the best, it is imperative to speak with an ophthalmologist.

Myth 3: Contact lenses can get stuck behind your eyes

Nothing can get behind the eye because of the conjunctiva, a thin membrane that protects the white of your eye and the inside of your eyelids. Contact lenses cannot thus become lodged behind your eye.

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Myth 4: Contact lenses are difficult to manage

That is untrue. Maintaining a cleaning and wearing routine is necessary for keeping your contact lenses secure and comfortable, but it is not difficult. Following the directions your eye doctor gives you will ensure that your contact lenses stay in top shape. Your eye doctor will give you precise advice on how to clean and care for your contact lenses.

Myth 5: Contact lenses are not for those with high power

This isn’t true as contact lenses do not depend upon the vision power of your eyes. You can customise lenses based on your vision correction power and say goodbye to those frames. However, regardless of the degree of vision correction, it is crucial to visit an eye specialist before selecting contact lenses.

Myth 6: Contact lenses are for everyone

Contact lens wear may not be suitable for everyone, and some eye diseases may make wearing contacts challenging or impossible. Whether contact lenses are a good option for you, an eye doctor can assess that.

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Myth 7: Contact lenses should not be worn while swimming or taking a shower

This is partly accurate. Using contact lenses while swimming or taking a shower is not advised since water can contain bacteria that can cause eye infections. There are, however, certain waterproof contact lenses made specifically for swimming. To find out which types of contact lenses are secure to use while swimming or taking a shower, it's vital to speak with your eye doctor.


To ensure safe and efficient use, it's critical to comprehend the truth and debunk common misconceptions. To keep your eyes healthy while wearing contact lenses, you must practise good hygiene and care. In order to decide whether contact lenses are a good option for you depending on your unique eye health and condition, it's crucial to speak with an eye doctor.