Why Do We Get An MRI Scan? Know It’s Effect On The Body

Scan is a testing procedure to determine diseases and injuries happening inside the body, here is what you should know.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 03, 2022Updated at: Apr 03, 2022
Why Do We Get An MRI Scan? Know It’s Effect On The Body

Have you ever observed what happens when you get an internal injury or some kind of pain that is not visible from physical examination. You are taken for different sort of scans in order to get your injury of problem diagnosed. There are different types of imaging techniques available to diagnose the different health problems. X-rays are most common among them. MRI scan is actually magnetic resonance imaging scan that is a common procedure around the world. In different interventions, organs and tissues are affected. MRI scan is actually a very important test in order to understand the problem within your body. 

What is MRI Scan? 

In this test procedure, a large magnet is used along with radio waves and a computer to deliver the details across the sections. The image of internal organs and structures actually get to know about the dysfunctions, injury or problems happening inside the body. MRI scan is different from CT scans and X-rays. It does not use the potential harmful ionization radiations that have an negative affect on the body. 


Uses of MRI Scan 

According to doctors and scientists, it has number of uses that helps to examine the details of human organs and structures. MRI machine are very crucial for nay hospital because it becomes a major tool to diagnose the complicated health situations. Here are some uses of MRI scan that are beneficial for your health- 

  • MRI scan is used to diagnose brain and spinal cord abnormalities  
  • It helps to determine cysts and tumors from various organs and parts of the body 
  • Helps to determine breast cancer and used for screening women having high risk of breast cancer problems  
  • Abnormalities in joints, back and knees 
  • Screening of certain types of heart problems and deformities 
  • Diseases that are connected to the liver and abdominal organs in the body 
  • The evaluation of pelvic pain in women and for causing fibroids and endometriosis 
  • Suspected problems like uterine anomalies in women and undergoing evaluation for infertility 

The scope of MRI to diagnose diseases and health issues are constantly increasing. There are ways and technological advances that are enriching the scope for usage of MRI machine in medical field. 

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What should you know before getting an MRI done? 

A lot of people are confused about the ideal situation of MRI scan and what to do while getting the MRI scan done. First of all, it is important that all your vitals are under control, once they are in place then you are taken to the MRI room and doctor examines the patient for any metal object present on the body, it is removed in case it is there.  

Since MRI uses high frequency magnet, it is highly dangerous to have any metal object near or on your body while going under the machine. Once such things are checked, then you are taken to the procedure. Doctor makes sure that the person is not too nervous and does not start the MRI until the patient becomes normal. Devices such as cochlear implants, aneurysm and pacemakers are also not allowed in the MRI machine.  


Patients might receive an injection of intravenous contrast of liquid to improve the visibility of particular tissue that is relevant to the scan. The radiologist or in charge of the medical imaging will make sure that the patients is comfortable on the MRI table. You may also get cushions and blankets if possible. 

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Earplugs or headphones that are safe for machine are given to the patients to cut down the anxiety that occurs because of MRI machine while the test is taking place. This is specially done in the cases of children because they can get frightened by the loud and frightening noise.

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