Mothers of Twins to Live Longer

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May 12, 2011

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Twins Baby A new study conducted at the University of Utah has established that women who give birth to twins are stronger, healthier and also tend to live longer.  The findings hint that stronger and healthier women have higher chances of delivering twins. It also says that these mothers have a higher chance of living longer compared to women who give birth to one baby at a time.


The sample for this research was a genealogical record of over 58,780 non-polygamous women who were born between 1807 and 1899. All the women in this record belong from the state of Utah and had married once. Their average lifespan was 50 years. Of this whole group, 4603 women had given birth to twins. It has now been established that these women beat the other mothers in all departments of leading a healthy life. The mothers of twins had better reproductive systems, gave birth to more children and also recovered from a pregnancy faster.


This current research actually upsets a long running point of view that labour and delivery weigh more heavily on mothers giving birth to twins. It establishes that mothers of twins actually live longer!

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