5 Insane Beauty Treatments that will Make you go "Eww"

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 20, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Snake massage is a popular beauty treamtent in Northern Israel.
  • Snake's venom in facial creams can be used to treat wrinkles.
  • Breastmilk soaps make the face flawless and fair.
  • Real gold is used on face to make it glow.


If you find no solace in the thought that the world currently is going mad - there are out-of-control economies and a distraughtful state of the climate - we bring to you the happy flipside of beauty treatments that are not so mainstream, but worth it.

Weird beauty treatmentsWould you take part in a contest that pays for you to undergo make-over but through unusual methods? Listed below are the world’s five most weird beauty treatments. Dare to try?


Snake Massage

As slimy and nerve tickling this may sound, there are several spas in Northern Israel that will offer a soothing session of snake massage. Mind you, it is not an isolated practice but quite a popular one. Poison-free snakes are put on the back of the person seeking the luxurious treatment. The wriggle of the not-so-deadly reptile's constricted movement and brushing of scales on the back is supposedly extremely relaxing!


The Snail Serum Healer

A Chilean snail called “Helix Aspersa Muller” is known to produce a serum when put under stress, which is now being widely used in skin creams and is said to be suitable for treamtent wrinkles, acne, etc. It has been found that the secretion has pharmacological properties, yielding skin-regenerative properties. The secretions also contain antioxidant activities.  This can arguably repair any skin damage and also help in softening coarser skin types.


Breastmilk Soap

Few shops in developed countries sell breast milk soaps which reportedly make the skin flawless. This is because human milk does wonders to the skin compared with perfume based soaps. However, many debates have cropped up regarding the soaps being unpasteurised, and might carry certain germ threats. Fetish soap, did we say?


Snake Venom Cream

Ever thought of applying a cream made out of snake’s venom? Well, here is another weird beauty treatment which is used to contract the face muscles, resulting in a younger looking, toned skin. It is supposedly known to reduce the age of the skin by five years. Beauty can sure get illogical at times!


Snake Skin Pedicure

For about 300 dollars, you can easily have the real skin of a snake applied to the toenails and made to appear like nail polish. This is widely prevelant in the US.

Gold Facial. Literally.

This is not so eww but unimaginable any way. Gold facial is the most expensive of all beauty treatments. A layer of 24 carat gold is spread evenly on the face and the results are self explanatory. Currently available at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, USA, gold facial cuts off the oxygen contact from the skin momentarily causing rapid internal treatment to take place. However, one must be careful of allergies and skin contamination as most spas do not use pure gold for this procedure.


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