8 Morning Habits That Can Aid Your Weight Loss Journey

Having healthy habits and routine in the morning can aid weight loss journey. Here are some habits you should switch to.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Jan 04, 2022 13:54 IST
8 Morning Habits That Can Aid Your Weight Loss Journey

There are plenty of times when we get stuck at a weight and cannot reduce it any further. This is when we need to look back on our schedule and change our habits. Just working out once in the evening at the gym is not sufficient. You need to incorporate some morning habits that can help you in your weight loss journey and help you shedding a few kilos. Morning habits include meals, sleep timing, choice of diet and many more. Today we will discuss about 8 methods that can help you lose weight.

8 Morning Habits to Aid Weight loss Journey

1. Eat high protein breakfast

Proteins are great for you to start your meals with. A good reason to have more eggs, sprouts and protein based salad in the morning is linked to weight loss. It helps you to set the course for rest of the day and keeps you full. It is a filling breakfast which has light amount of calories to fulfil your energy needs for the first half of the day. High protein breakfast must include proteins along with some carbohydrates and fibre to make you lose weight. 


2. Drink plenty of water in the morning

Many experts recommend having 1-2 glass of water early in the morning for weight loss. It can be more beneficial if the water you have is warm. This can help you burn more calories in your initial day and helps to reduce weight in a more effective way. According to small study, drinking 500 ml of water in the morning can increase 30% of metabolic rate and help you lose around 2kgs with proper nutrition in a month. 

Drinking more water reduces your appetite and helps burn more calories during workout as well. Starting your day with water and staying hydrated can also keep the diseases and infections away that may create obstruction in your weight loss journey.

3. Weight Yourself

This may seem little over dramatic but weighing yourself everyday in the morning builds a positive motivation. It gives you confidence and improves self control which helps you try harder each day to reduce your weight. This needs to be done in morning itself to avoid negative impact on your mind. Adults who weight themselves in the morning lose around 4.4 kg in a year with other workout schedules in their regular place. 

Hence you can add this to your morning routine and increase your weight loss speed. Weighing yourself also increases resistance and calorie intake. Weighing yourself in the morning on a daily basis also builds a discipline and puts control over your calorie count because weight comes in your mind every time you think of having something unhealthy. 

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4. Take proper sleep

Sleep is linked to a number of health factors including weight loss and obesity. Going to bed on time and having proper 8 hours of sleep can improve your metabolism and other digestive functions in the body. Because of this, it becomes easier to burn more calories and restricting hunger cravings. Also waking up at correct time in the morning is important as it is directly connected to weight loss and nutrition management.


5. Get Some Natural Vitamin-D

Vitamin D is very important nutrient for the body. Even after spending money on dietary supplements, it cannot meet the nutritional value of natural vitamin D which you get from sun. Hence it is important to spend some time in the sun in the morning that can kick start your day and weight loss routine. Infact moderate levels of light can also have good influence on your weight. 

However you need to be aware that you spend time in morning than any other part of the day because UV radiation is comparatively less in that part of the day. Exposure to sunlight can suppress the weight gain by a high fat diet. Therefore include going out in the open in the morning and take vitamin D.

6. Practise Mindfulness

This means to involve yourself in different activities and bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings. If you have trouble understanding this concept, let us give you some examples. There have been times where mindfulness has resulted to positive mindset which has also supported the person in their weight loss department. Interventions based on mindfulness in the morning show reduced obesity, better eating behaviours and many more. It has 68% effectiveness in affecting your weight loss journey in a positive way. 

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7. Practise Morning Exercise

Exercise in the morning is much more beneficial and healthy for your body. Doing physical workout in the morning can help to boost health and aid weight loss. According to a study by National Institute of Health, women doing aerobic exercises in the morning have 32% better weight reduction that those who do it at other time intervals in the day. Also it has little effect on your food cravings, meals after workout in the morning have better metabolism rate than in the other half of the day. 


Morning exercise also keeps the blood sugar in check and steady. Symptoms for excessive hunger can result to type-1 diabetes and show better results in losing weight. It prevents obesity and side-fat accumulation in the body.

8. Try Different Ways to Commute

We often look for luxuries and easy way to commute to different places. In the morning, when the energy is especially high, try to take some healthy ways to commute. This can include walking, cycling, jogging, etc. This does not mean that you walk for long hours and reach office late but start choosing physical training methods to get some nearby jobs done to aid your weight loss journey. 

In cases where the weight reduction becomes stuck, try to indulge in more physical works which you do in the normal routine. This will increase your organ functions and improve metabolism of the body. Walking and cycling in the morning can be good ways to encourage weight loss.

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