More reasons to play basketball

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Mar 31, 2016
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  • The game of basketball is a fast-paced one.
  • Basketball is very good for teenagers as it helps to concentrate.
  • Basketball is also a great cardiovascular exercise.
  • A game of basketball teaches you endurance, balance and coordination.

Baksetball is an immensely popular game the world over, and is considered to be a skilful one too. It has created many a wannabe LeBron James and Michael Jordans of the world. But additionally, basketball is also a highly energetic game which is very good for the health. In fact those of you who play the game would know how difficult it really is to run around for the entire time. It is not like cricket where you can stick to your position. You have to run across the length and breadth of the basketball court no matter what your position might be.


More reasons to play basketball


So if you are cynical about the advantages that the game of basketball has on the health, then here are some reasons for you to re-consider.


It is a great cardio exercise

Cardio literally means anything pertaining to the heart and it is known to be the best exercise for t hose trying to lose weight and also for those who want to keep an eye on their heart health. In basketball you are running the court continuously and it is as good as going for a run, the only difference is that it is fun! So, when you play basketball you can be rest assured that within a month’s time you will definitely see some positive results in your health. In simple terms, it helps to burn calories!


It is a great team building exercise

Basketball is all about team building; it is just a great way to learn how to co-operate with your peers and work together to win something. Even in loss people can come together and appreciate each other’s efforts. Basketball teaches you to raise one another, to help and build relationships. Those who play basketball would know that passing the ball plays an important role in the game and this creates a sort of unbroken trustworthiness.


Improves balance and coordination

When playing basketball balance is of utmost importance and this can be a golden thing to keep physically fit. Balance basically means to keep a particular position well and when you coordinate, it simply means that you can make a set of complex movements well. These two will take you a long way in life as you begin to grow older. It is very important to have a good balance but and coordination along with balance is simply great.


It helps to strengthen concentration

Another good reason to play basketball is that it helps one to strengthen his or her concentration. This is especially good for young teens and children. Basketball can be termed as a mildly difficult game because of the level of concentration one needs to break through opponents and score, and when you begin to do that well, you will come to realise that you have an increased level of concentration in you. Parents should influence their children to take up the game.


It helps to build endurance

There is a lot happening in a game of basketball, it is fast paced with running, dribbling and shooting. When you play basketball you tend to learn how to endure. All the hardships and difficulties can be skilfully managed and overcome. Basketball definitely teaches one all about endurance and this way makes your body strong so you can take on physical challenges. Not to mention, mental challenges too.


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