#MondayMotivation: 4 Zumba Myths Debunked

Even though we know what Zumba is, there are several myths that we believe in! Read below to know more

Sucheta Pal
Written by: Sucheta PalUpdated at: Jan 27, 2020 10:16 IST
#MondayMotivation: 4 Zumba Myths Debunked

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Zumba is a pulsating dance routine, which is a fantastic way to lose weight while having some fun. It is all about having fun while working out on the most crucial muscles of the body. Zumba dance has become one of the most trending workout programmes. One may not come to know, but the complex yet fun moves in Zumba is a great way to shed weight without worrying about picking extra heavyweights in the gym. An effective full-body workout, Zumba is the best way to stay in shape irrespective of the age, gender and weight. Hence, despite so much information available on the Web about Zumba, a lot of people have several misconceptions about this pulsating form of exercise that we are here to tell you about!

MYTH 1: Zumba is like salsa

Zumba is a fitness dance form and is an inspiration taken from various dance forms and not just salsa. It is a mix of salsa, cumbai, flamenco, belly dance, tango, and a few moves from Bollywood too. All of these dance forms are merged into one simplified dance form, which makes it easier for people to follow. The exercise in this dance form is hidden, which makes it all the more impressive as people performing Zumba don't come to know that they are doing a full-body workout.

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MYTH: Only lean and fit people can do Zumba


A complete myth, but Zumba is actually for everyone. People of any age group can do Zumba, without worrying much about the aches and pulls that generally happen after a workout session in the gym. There are different modules set according to the age of the person wanting to do Zumba. More than anything, there are specific Zumba moves that are actually for older people. Also, those suffering from issues like aches, joint pains, etc. can perform Zumba without worrying much about damaging their body due to rigorous workouts.

MYTH 3: Anyone can become a Zumba instructor

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Only licensed instructors can teach the right Zumba moves. It is not merely dancing on the tunes, but it involves a lot of practice and learning when it comes to teaching Zumba. It is all about understanding the needs of the people coming in to learn Zumba without hampering their health.

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MYHT 4: Zumba is just one form

Zumba has several types like fitness, gold training, where people join in for different reasons. If you wish to have fun in place of hitting the gym for general fitness, Zumba fitness is all about high-energy Latin moves merged in the beats for people to lose weight overall while dancing on the tune. If you are a little older and struggle with specific ailments, then Zumba gold is the right thing for you. In this form, the dance moves are set according to the person's capabilities of moving and dancing. And those who wish to tone their bodies, Zumba toning is all about targeted body sculpting where the dance moves are set to include cardio, strength training and to lose weight from specific areas of the body.

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