Miracle Pill for Anti-ageing

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Sep 29, 2012

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Miracle Pill for Anti agingA research panel involving researchers from Kings College London, Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital are inching closer to developing an anti-ageing pill. The pill will be the first to make muscles regain power and strength. The researchers examined the process of stem cells found inside muscles and discovered why the ability of muscles to regenerate declines with age.


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The trials on old mice found that the dormant stem cells present in the pool reduce with age, implying the reason for a declined ability of muscles to repair and regenerate. On the screening of old muscles, researchers found high levels of FGF2 protein, which influences the ability to stimulate cell division. To prevent the stem cell pool from an unnecessary action, they attempted to inhibit FGF2 protein in old muscles.
The researchers are hopeful that a common FGF2 inhibitor drug that blocked muscle weakening in old mice may lead to a drug that can help keep the elderly strong and fit.

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