Meat-Eating Myths: If You Think Meat Is Unhealthy, Then You Need To Read This

There are several debates, which stress the need for eating a plant-based diet over meats and poultry for health reasons

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jan 06, 2020
Meat-Eating Myths: If You Think Meat Is Unhealthy, Then You Need To Read This

There exist several pieces of research, which certify certain food myths and facts. One such debatable topic is the consumption of meat. We all have come across specific facts and myths that point towards the unhealthy effects on the heart. However, it is essential to understand how meat consumption is more of a health benefit than a hazard. There are a few things that one must keep in mind before buying meats. Firstly, it should be fresh, then cured well and should be free of artificial colours and flavours. More than anything, meats are a great source of protein and energy and should be consumed in the most healthy preparation for maximum benefits. Read below a few myths and facts that surround the consumption of meat and how important it is to understand the right quality of meat: 


MYTH: Meat is unhealthy for colon health

Some say that meat consumption is unhealthy for our colon health, but this is certainly not true. In reality, meat, once consumed, is broken into amino and fatty acids and then absorbed in the bloodstream and digestive wall, leaving no traces of meat in the body.

MYTH: Meat is a reason behind high cholesterol and saturated fat

A lot of people say that red meat consumption can lead to spiked cholesterol levels in the body. However, cholesterol is an essential element. The significant concept here is that if cholesterol is supplied to the body through food, the liver produces less to balance out the levels in the body. In several studies, it is also said that cholesterol is essential to prevent heart strokes as well.

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MYTH: Meats can lead to diabetes and heart diseases 


A lot many new studies show a link between meat consumption and diabetes and heart diseases, which certainly has no relevance. Moreover, people are consuming meat since time immemorial and fresh meat is an excellent addition to the diet, but always in moderation. 

MYTH: Meat can lead to brittle bones

If you thought eating meat can break your bones, you need to read this here. We all know how meat is an essential source of protein for the body. Also, calcium, minerals and vitamins are primary nutritional sources that we get in meat. All these minerals and nutrients make your bones stronger by certainly reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fracture.  

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MYTH: Meat makes you fat 

More than anything, meats are considered to be a great source of protein and energy for those who hustle it out in the gym every day. Despite being high in calorie and fat, the amount of protein meats can supply to the body is immense. Also, the available macronutrients in it are highly essential for weight loss. Eating protein-rich food is necessary to support the body from the wear and tear experienced due to working out in a gym. 

These myths indeed hold no importance as meats are a great source of several essential micronutrients, minerals and dietary supplements, which make you stronger and healthier. So, from now on, get the best cut on your plate and enjoy its goodness! 


With inputs from Fabiola Mendes, Director, Bennet & Bernard Group

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