Managing Breast Cancer Fears

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Jan 21, 2012

Managing breast cancer fearsThere are various kinds of fear that one encounters with respect to breast cancer. A variety of fears pertaining to each stage of breast cancer, beginning from a suspicion of breast cancer after locating symptoms proceeding to fears that actually grip both wives and husbands after the confirmation of breast cancer through a diagnosis. The fear of a diagnosis prevents many women from meeting a doctor, but this should not be the case. One should be encouraged to see a doctor immediately because the treatment process for breast cancer must begin as soon as possible. After the diagnosis, there are common fears pertaining to the risk of a recurrence of breast cancer or the spread of breast cancer.


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To manage the aforementioned breast cancer fears, one may adopt a variety of approaches. It is possible for women affected by breast cancer to go into denial or to avoid an acceptance of the situation. This may not, in the long term, be the best coping mechanism since there may be graver emotional distress accruing from refusing to confront the predicament signified by breast cancer than from accepting the situation.

The best approach towards confronting such a situation for the woman is to adopt a fighting spirit and be optimistic about the chances of recovery. Such patients tend to experience less fear and feel more confident about tackling the problems posed by breast cancer. With adequate support from a husband and family members, breast cancer fears can be managed more effectively rather than attempting to manage such fears passively or alone. However, if the person, who is diagnosed with breast cancer, is in a state of shock and not feeling up to it, the patient should not be forced to adopt optimism or such confidence immediately. It is important to acknowledge that these fears are natural and common among those affected by breast cancer. Sharing feelings and talking about these fears can help build a supportive spirit and an affectionate bond. This would allow a gradual process of strengthening to commence.


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At this stage it is important to note the predicament of the husbands or men that assume the role of caretakers to women or wives that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is important to manage the patient’s fears with utmost respect, sincerity and patience. Since there are no easy solutions, one should not feel pressurised to solve or fix anything quickly. Instead it should be stressed that supporting each other and sharing feelings, thoughts and cultivating intimacy can go a long way in creating a conducive and healthy atmosphere for a potential recovery. The husbands or caretakers should be patient and willing to listen while simultaneously assuring that they themselves also have people to share their private thoughts or feelings with. It is not necessary to be alone and pretend to be brave throughout this period. Therefore, do not hesitate to join a cancer support group or meet with friends that can help share the burden and relieve some of the stress.


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