Maintain high energy throughout the holidays

Holidays mostly begin with a lot of enthusiasm and high energy, but that tends to deplete in the coming days. Find out what you need to do to maintain high energy throughout the holidays!

Vidya Subramanian
Mind BodyWritten by: Vidya SubramanianPublished at: Mar 28, 2017Updated at: Mar 28, 2017
Maintain high energy throughout the holidays

Has it ever happened to you that you find yourself upbeat and enthusiastic at the beginning of your holidays and within a few short days, you find that your energy is all gone and you can’t wait for the holidays to finish? If your answer was yes, you’re in the right place. This is where we hold your hand and tell you not to despair, because it is possible to maintain high energy throughout the holidays.


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According to Dr. S.P. Sharma, Delhi-based Life Coach and Counsellor, “Having too much to do and too many places to be at is the chief reason why so many people become so tired during holidays.” The easiest remedy, according to him, is to slow down. If there are five New Year parties to be at, make sure you let all your hosts know that you will be headed out at a specified time. No one wants to you to suddenly announce that another party is more important than theirs while it is going on. “But if you break to them in advance and tell them about your busy can’t-miss-it schedule, you’ll find that most people are actually very accommodating,” says Dr. Sharma.


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Another reason for lethargy during holidays is all the lack of usual exercise, and a marked increase in the high-fat diet. That’s a common problem, and an easily addressed one. Accrding to Mrs. Jyoti Arora, Head Dietician at Artemis Hospital, it is a small and effective rule that is of the greatest help: eat smaller portions. “When you go visiting during the holidays, people always offer sweets, and it is sometimes too rude to refuse,” she says, “but what you can do is take only a small helping and limit yourself to that.”


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Combined with all the above, if you can find time to squeeze in your regular exercise regimen (yes, it is vitally important to exercise in the holidays as well), then there is absolutely no reason to not maintain high energy throughout the holidays. Happy holidays, everybody!


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