Lose Weight Scientifically With These Effective Tips

There is a science behind everything, just like there is one behind weight loss. Losing weight is all about understanding the scientific mechanism of the body and then working towards achieving the desired results

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jul 26, 2019
Lose Weight Scientifically With These Effective Tips

If you are trying to lose weight but tired of waiting for the results, then there’s something wrong that you are doing! When it comes to weight loss, it is all about planning your meal and diet plan according to your weight loss goal. Following group diet plans may be beneficial for some but can fall flat in most of the cases. One should know the basics of losing weight – Your body is different and only specific diet plans may help you get the maximum results. As per a new study published in the Journal Obesity, Researchers were all out in finding more unique ways of tackling obesity, which is a global concern. As per the new study, just like it is essential to eat a healthy and non-fattening diet, it is also necessary to strategise your meal timings. The focus should be more on curbing the appetite than counting on calories. Frequent eating has a direct link with increased metabolism of the body. As per scientists, this research suggests an Early Time-Restricted Feeding (eTRF). This helps burn of fat much-effectively than any other diet. Very much similar to intermittent fasting, this diet involves eating dinner in the afternoon.

STUDY – Eat Dinner In The afternoon 

The study involved 11 obese adults, which included men and women. The participants were under the scanner from November 2014 to August 2016, where they were told to follow two different meal timings. One lot focused on eating three meals in 12 hours. In this, the participants had to eat breakfast at 8 am and dinner at 8 pm. The other schedule was the eTRF schedule where participants had to eat three meals in a bracket of 6 hours, where breakfast was at 8 am and dinner at 2 pm. It was ascertained that those on the e-TRF diet had a better fat-burning over 24 hours. eTRF also helped in boosting the appetite by lowering the hunger hormones in the body. It was inferred that timing the meals can improve metabolic health, resulting in weight loss. 

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Following are some easy ways to shed extra kilos by going the scientific way of weight loss: 

Change the food order

Is it weird to eat dessert first and then starts the last? But this surely works as per a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. This enables a person to go for healthier meal options after taking in some pure sugary food items. It is just a motivational factor to balance the meal. 

Always order a starter first

When eating out, we end up ignoring the starters. However, there’s a reason why do people order starters. This to control your hunger pangs. This also helps in reducing the chances of overeating and over-ordering the main course. Portion control meals should include a little of everything right from starters to a small portion of dessert. 

Smell your food 

As per a study by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, you can control your hunger just by smelling the food properly. Smelling the food makes you feel full even before eating it. It directly controls overeating, which helps in controlling the weight. 

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Blue plates are the best 

Blue plates suppress appetite, as per scientists. They say that people eat 33 per cent lesser while eating in blue rooms as the colour makes the food look unappealing. Pink and grey also work the same way as blue. So if you are trying to control your weight, make these three colours your best pals while eating food. 

Reduce the size of the plate 

Opting for smaller plates is best to control your meal intakes. The bigger the dish is, there is more space to fill. Smaller plates restrict the meal portion automatically due to limited space. 

Chew your food 

It is a worldwide known fact that chewing the food properly is essential for digestion of food. Chewing increases the time spent on the table for the meal. It makes you feel full faster than gulping down your food. 

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