Quarantine and Long Distance Relationship: Don’t Let Lockdown Affect Your Love

Are you living a long-distance relationship due to a quarantine situation? Here’s how you can thrive and make it even stronger.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Apr 08, 2020 18:06 IST
Quarantine and Long Distance Relationship: Don’t Let Lockdown Affect Your Love

Are you dealing with long-distance quarantining with your partner? This must be a tough time for you especially mentally and emotionally as you are not able to spend time and go out with your partner as you used to before the lockdown situation. Even couples who live nearby are feeling like having a long-distance relationship these days. This may not only put your relationship at stake but also your mental and psychological health. As per psychology, when we spend time with our loved ones, it boosts mental health and helps to fight difficult times or situations with ease. But in the current situation, you are not even able to meet each other let alone go on dates. Worry not, here are some tips to keep your relationship unaffected from social distancing.

Firstly, you are not the only one going through this. There are thousands of such couples who are dealing with long-distance stress despite being in the same city. Quarantine is a hard time but it is your joint responsibility to make it work. Even with restrictions, the flower of your love can bloom. Just water it daily.

Distance and relationship problems

Distance does bring a lot of problems in a relationship. When you spend time together and meet regularly, the chances of fights and arguments are less. Whereas, not meeting for longer periods can create a gap between you two. Some relationships survive despite all odds but some just fall prey and end on a bitter note. If you don’t want your relationship to fall due to lockdown, understand each other and support. Read ahead for some tips to make things work.

Communication is the key

Talk every day, in fact, multiple times a day to keep a check on each other. But give each other the needed space also. Try to stay calm and happy during this period. This would help you stay positive.

Date over the call

Yes, you can do a lot of stuff together without being physically together. For example, watch a movie on your devices but together. You can also cook together over a video call. Take this as a refreshment and not restriction.

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Utilize this time in making future plans

There are a lot of couples who were to get married but it got postponed due to this pandemic situation. If you are also a sufferer, think as if you have got additional time to prepare things and add what you missed last time. For those dating, plan surprises for your lover to rekindle the joy and spark in your relationship.

Clear misunderstandings immediately

Disagreements may lead to arguments that may cause a fight. Don’t let anything affect your relation. Clear all the doubts and misunderstandings as soon as possible but over a video chat. you’ll be able to understand better by looking at each other’s expressions.

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Distance brings two people closer

Remember this theory? Distance actually works like a magnet to bring couples together. Trust us, you’ll be more or madly in love after this long-distance period ends.

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