People Living Alone 'Are More Depressed'

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Apr 04, 2012

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living alone are more depressedA Finnish study has revealed that people, who live alone, are prone to depression more than people, who live with family or friends. In fact, people of working age, who live alone, increase their risk of developing depression by 80%. According to the study, the primary factor for depression among men and women of working age include lack of a social support system for men and poor housing conditions for women.  


The study was carried out by tracking the use of anti-depressants in 3,500 Finnish men and women. The people were surveyed in 2000 and questioned about their housing situation and whether they lived alone or with someone. Other information that was gathered includes work climate, lifestyle, social support, employment status, income etc. The authors of the study found out that the proportion of one-person household increased over the years.  When analysed the amount of anti-depressant intake, it was found that about 80%of people living alone bought more anti-depressants during their follow-up period than those who did not live alone.

The study was led by Dr Laura Pulkki-Rabback, who said that the risk of mental problems was high in people living alone. The researchers of the study felt isolation to be behind depression in people living alone. According to the researchers, people, who live alone, do not have an emotional support or the feeling of social integration and are therefore, prone to serious mental issues.

The study found a feasible solution, which is to provide the people, who live alone, with a platform to talk about their feelings, meet new people and culture new social surroundings for themselves. Furthermore, the study identified the appropriate treatment of people, who live alone, to be talking therapies instead of exposing them only to anti-depressants that may have long-term side-effects.



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