Learning to Love your Body for a Positive Image

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Oct 20, 2011

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‘Loving our body’ seems to be a simple thing but to the surprise of many this is not easy in practical scenario. If you think that your mirror image is less than thrilled or dissatisfactory then you are not alone.


learning to love the body According to the National Eating Disorders Association, more than eighty percent women are not happy about the appearance of their body. Don’t let down your self-perspective, instead learn to love your body in simple ways. To do that you must first know the dangers of body dissatisfaction.


  • The biggest danger of negative body-image is to the confidence of individual
  • A person who is not satisfied with his/her body image looks for validations from others. Instead of enjoying the moment you will find them occupied with worried about their looks.
  • Such people start relying on the add-ons for enhancing their looks. For instance, taking help of make-up or surgery to augment their body image
  • In addition, poor body image can lead to crash diet and excessive workouts to get back to shape.


Some of the simple ways that can help you to learn your body includes:


Curb Comparisons


Irrespective of your idea of perfect body, never compare yourself with others. If you think that you are overweight or underweight then find out the Body Mass Index (BMI) for your body and work accordingly.

According to a study conducted at the University of Louisville (in 2010), women’s self image was negatively influenced when compared with others. Therefore, never compare yourself with any other person. If you find yourself doing such comparisons then stop and remind yourself about the good things of your body. Thank your body for working for you, for instance appreciate for your special abilities such as playing soccer.

We often fail to recognise our special qualities and think others to be blessed with the special qualities such as beauty and brains. We all have these qualities within us it is only that sometime we fail to realise them.


Welcome the Compliments

Experts are of view that compliments works like medicine for positive self-image.  Your reactions to compliments are very important. Do you find yourself brushing off the compliments? if yes then you are denying taking medicine and wondering about your sickness.

Learn to take compliments and they will help you to love yourself. Look yourself from the eyes of people who love you. Never talk negative about yourself.


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