Learn From Birthday Boy Rahul Khanna, How To Look Half Your Age

Rahul Khanna, the actor who is getting sizzling hot with his age, turned 47 today. Here's how the actor keeps himself fit. Read to know his fitness mantra.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jun 20, 2019
Learn From Birthday Boy Rahul Khanna, How To Look Half Your Age

Happy Birthday Rahul Khanna: It's Rahul Khanna's 47th birthday today. Actor Rahul was first seen in Deepa Mehta's movie '1947 Earth'. Rahul was last seen in the Netflix original web series 'Leila', which is based on Prayaag Akbar's novel. This suave actor is known for his intense acting skills and his good looks. Despite inching closer to the mark of 50, he looks young, dapper and has an exceptionally good following on social media, including Instagram. It is difficult to guess what's his age with that flawless skin, a chiseled face, and an impeccable style. Rahul Khanna is a style icon among actors in his age bracket. To keep up with those young looks the 'Leila' actor makes sure that his fitness game is on point. 

Favorite sport

Rahul loves to play squash and attributes his fitness to this. He believes that squash helps in become fitter. Rahul's flawless looks and fine abs are enough to drool over. But have you ever noticed the reason behind his toned body? Rahul clarified his workout schedule and also described squash as a reason for it.

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With squash, Rahul also loves the gym. Apart from living life king size, he spends almost four times a week in the gym. His gym session includes heavy workouts. His workout regime involves:

  • Weight training
  • CrossFit
  • Rahul's workouts generally have a duration of 60 minutes.

Watch a few glimpses:




Paleo Diet

Rahul Khanna follows the Paleo diet. His meal plans include fruits, veggies, dry-fruits, eggs, and meat. Rahul loves to cook breakfast for himself and he believes that nobody should skip breakfast. He eats all the seasonal fruits and loves making different smoothies. Rahul considers avocado as his favourite anti-aging fruit. He once quoted that he carries avocadoes while traveling, he cannot live without them. So the one thing that is always found in his suitcase is'avocadoes.

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Rahul- A Water Baby

Except for high-intensity workouts, Rahul loves to swim and somewhere we all have witnessed this through his social media accounts. Actor Rahul Khanna believes that consistent exercise is key to a healthy body, but a strict routine is an enemy for your health.



Except for all his fitness regimes and his natural workouts, Rahul is a fan of hiking. He travels to walk miles and finds it the best exercise with nature. Connecting to the spiritual end, Rahul Khanna is also a yoga follower too. Rahul's fitness icon is Greg Glassman. 


Rahul Khanna also believes that fitness cannot be achieved without these two aspects:

  • Accurate diet meal plan 
  • Healthy living



Rahul Khanna's Fitness Mantra

Healthy eating will eventually lead your body to help you achieve the results from workouts. 

  • Always fluctuate your workouts
  • Never stick to one diet regime
  • Except for gym, indulge in various visceral activities
  • Stay away from packaged food
  • Paleo diet

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