Know All The Health Dangers Due To Diet Fads

Never believe fad diets as these may cause weight gain instead of a loss. Here are some health hazards of diet fads.

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Mar 10, 2020 10:00 IST
Know All The Health Dangers Due To Diet Fads

How many weight-loss diets have you heard of? Intermittent fasting, Keto, Carnivore, Medinitearrean, and the list can go really long. While a rapid weight loss program seems like the best idea to quickly shed extra pounds but you might not know the real side of the story. This idea can turn to be fatal for your health by inviting certain health complications.

1. Rapid Dehydration

When you lose weight abruptly, it is not because you actually lost fat but because of your water weight that dropped. This can cause rapid dehydration. When you try these fad diets as an instant weight loss solution, you are actually forcing your body to go against the natural process which can cause serious health risks.

rapid dehydration

Therefore, you must drink an ample amount of water throughout to not let the body dehydrate. If you exercise daily, it becomes more important to drink water to make up for the loss from sweating.

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2. Fatigue 

Most of the fad weight-loss diets are based on low-calorie consumption or calorie deprivation. It is a myth that restricting calories would make you slim. The truth is that calories are needed to produce energy for the body. You may cut down on fat content but not calories. If you do this, you’ll feel fatigued all the time just like how people feel on fasting days.

Therefore, eat small meals but eat throughout the day. This will keep your metabolic rate intact and allow healthy weight loss.

3. May Cause Digestive Problems

Losing weight can make you lose the sanity of the digestive system. Quick weight loss, as mentioned above may cause water loss which causes diarrhea and can escalate to constipation and other stomach issues. This could even prove to be fatal.

stomach pain

Therefore, it is advised to include a sufficient amount of fiber in your diet to not encounter digestive issues.

4. Risk of Malnutrition

These crash diets look promising but they are not so good for your health. Instead of allowing a healthy reduction in weight, you may end up malnourished! Long-term deprivation of essential vitamins and minerals lead to such a situation.

Therefore, you must abide by a balanced diet to lose weight in the right way. Consult a dietician for vitamins and mineral supplements, if you need them.

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weight gain

5. They may, in fact, cause weight gain

Ironically, these fad diets are more of a weight gain than weight loss. This is because the so-called weight loss under these crash diets is nothing but water loss. Once you hydrate the body and eat proper food, you’ll see an increase in body weight. This is why people put on after practicing these diets.

Therefore, if you are really looking to lose weight, don’t trust these fad diets. Consult a certified nutritionist and chalk out a diet plan to reduce weight without cutting down on nutrition.

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