How To Keep Yourself Full With Minimal Food During The Lockdown?

Lockdown 4.0: Here's How You Can Keep Yourself Full With Minimal Food During The COVID-19 Outbreak.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: May 21, 2020Updated at: May 21, 2020
How To Keep Yourself Full With Minimal Food During The Lockdown?

Lockdown 4.0: Everyone is worried about over-eating during the lockdown. Since it is a valid concern, we can throw some light on the kind of food that can be consumed to keep us full and fulfil our satiety. For example, nuts and seeds. All the nuts and seeds are the best kind of healthy snack options as it not only ensures nutrition content but also supports the well being of the body. They are very fulfilling and nourish us from within very well. Some of such fulfilling foods are mentioned below by Ms Preety Tyagi, Lead Health Coach and Founder of MY22BMI.

Boiled Potatoes 

Meals cooked with potatoes or boiled, mashed potatoes are by far, the most fulfilling foods in our diet. It fulfils our satiety and ensures a full tummy for several hours after consumption. In comparison to other carbs, potatoes are the most fulfilling. However, being starchy, potato consumption should be avoided in some instances. And overconsumption of potatoes can cause weight gain. However, when consumed potatoes moderately can serve as a healthy snack and keep you full for hours.


Oatmeal is by far the most fulfilling cereals and morning Breakfast one can ask for. If you consume one cup of oatmeal cooked in milk with a few nuts and raisins, it can keep you satisfied and full for hours. It's an incredibly healthy cereal, the whole of fibre and keeps us lean and fit. On top of that, it keeps us full for a long time.

High Protein Foods


Foods that are high in protein are essential for the well being as protein is responsible for growth as well as maintenance and to support any wear and tear that happens in the body. They are the building blocks for our body and therefore, are excellent in keeping us healthy and looking good on the outside. Along with this, proteins keep us full and feeling satiated for long without leaving us hungry for long.

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High Fiber Foods


Foods that are high in fibre help us feel light and healthy by encouraging healthy bowel movements in the body every day. High fibre foods are highly recommended to support the detoxification process that takes place in our bodies. It's responsible for keeping us fit and clean from within and disease-free while ensuring a high immunity as well. 

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Coconut in all forms, fresh, dried, desiccated, oil, cold-pressed, flakes, cooked, milk, cream, yoghurt... Yes, coconut can be consumed in so many forms, and all these forms are very healthy, support hormonal health and ensure a healthy body and mind. Coconuts are very fulfilling too. To ensure regular consumption of coconut in your diet during the lockdown for satisfying those food cravings.


  • Foods that are high in volume: Watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. keep us full, hydrated and satiated for long periods. These are essential to support water loss, especially in summers. So, perfect foods to be had during the lockdown summer.
  • Dry figs, apricots, prunes and dates: These are all healthy foods, rich in fibre, are sources of natural sugar and support in maintaining good gut health. These are all very fulfilling and are a great snack idea during the lockdown.

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