International Day Of Happiness 2020: Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs To Stay Healthy And Happy

Research by Francisco research A. Freeman 2019, approximately 49% of entrepreneurs suffer from at least one form of mental health conditions.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 19, 2020 09:24 IST
International Day Of Happiness 2020: Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs To Stay Healthy And Happy

International Day Of Happiness 2020: “Money Can Buy You All the Happiness” is the most frequent quote we have ever listened but despite its frequency, one pretty clear thing- is this is not the whole truth. Having an abundance of money is not going to ensure your mental well-being. Research, conducted by Wharton surveyed around 11,000 graduates to find out their happiness levels, and the conclusion of the research reveals a different story altogether that shows this frequently quoted quote holds no currency.

Dr Malini Saba (Psychologist and Founder & Chairman, Saba Group Holdings and Saba Family foundations) states that "to attain happiness and mental peace, you will always have to go an extra mile. As entrepreneurs life is just like a laboratory where one or the other thing keeps on happening." So we have some tips to keep tensions away from your daily life and maintain mental peace.

Take Load As Much As You Carry


According to many pieces of research, entrepreneurs tend to take charge of all the things that come in their way during their entrepreneurial journey which becomes the reason of mental anxiousness that will force you to plunge into the state of depression. It is a piece of advice that does not take the excess of burden.

Food for Your Own


Actually, for our physical and mental well-being, one thing that plays a very pivotal role in India is the food. How and from where you eat is the most crucial thing to keep you happy and healthy. Because unhealthy and unhygienic food has the potential to disturb your metabolism that further leads to a situation where you will be taking huge stress on your body and mind. So, taking care of your food will ensure that you are helping yourself. 

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Little Work Out During Work Time


 Once you start working from Monday, it’s really hard to take a breather from the busy schedule. But it is always advisable to walk a few steps after a regular interval of time due to plethora of reasons, one it takes away your exhaustion and your efficiency will get a boost that will not let any sort of anxiety, stress and tension to take over you.

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Work Smartly

work smartly

We understand that you are capable enough to juggle a dozen tasks at once. But mind one thing; always try to reduce your workload by incorporating some new techniques that can reduce your burden. So, this entails leveraging technology in all most every possible arena and that would be of greatest help for anyone to keep himself healthy, happy and fit.

Leisure and work


Sometimes putting your hyperactive mind on switch off mode for a while is necessary, as taking time out for leisure and enjoyment is mandatory to keep your efficiency at the highest level. The leisure activities and an appropriate time to do that varies from one person to other but it is required to keep your mind working with full efficiency without the sense of fatigue taking over you.

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