Indians Potter a lot in the Kitchen, South Koreans cook the least

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Apr 01, 2015

A recent global report from market research firm GFK on food and cooking has found a diversity of culture among people all over the world. According to the research, South Koreans cook the least, Ukrainians and Indians spend a lot of time pottering in the kitchen and Italians are the ones most passionate about cooking and food.

The market research comprised a wide-sweeping poll that asked more than 27, 000 people across 22 countries the number of hours they spend in the kitchen in a week. India and Ukraine topped the list of countries that spend a lot of time in the kitchen, spending an average of about 13 hours peeling, stirring and dicing.


On the flipside is South Korea where the respondents reported to spend less than 3.7 hours per week cooking food for themselves. A possible reason could be the accessibility to ready-made-foods, supermarkets, street food stalls, etc.

The report found that the global cooking average is less than 6.5 hours per week.

Strangely, France, which is known to be the citadel of gastronomy and food is placed fifth from the bottom. The French apparently prefer to leave the cooking to Michelin-starred chefs and microwaves. A lot of prepared food brands have come up in the republic that seems to be highly popular in busy households.

In the survey, the French respondents averaged 5.5 hours a week of time in the kitchen. Less than a quarter of the French population expressed their passion for food, ended up scoring lower than Americans and Brits.

Italy boasted off the most interested foodies; nearly half of the Italian respondents characterised food as their personal passion, followed by South Africa and Indonesia and Mexico.

Countries where food is a lost art
Belgium, Sweden, Poland and South Korea have landed themselves at the bottom of the heap with only 13 people citing their personal interest in food. South Africa and India emerges the most confident in their cooking skills with at least half of the respondents claiming to have the knowledge and expertise in cooking.

Belgium and South Korea had pledged to be the most ignorant in this sphere.

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