Human To Animal COVID-19 Transmission: What Precautions Are Necessary For Pet-Care?

The first case of coronavirus spread from a human to a tiger has been reported in the US. If there are pets at home, be careful and follow these tips

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: May 16, 2020 14:54 IST
Human To Animal COVID-19 Transmission: What Precautions Are Necessary For Pet-Care?

Human To Animal COVID-19 Transmission: Till now it was believed that the coronavirus is a disease spreading only from humans to humans (so animals are safe from it). But the first such case has been reported in America, in which a tiger has been found infected with COVID-19. This is the first case of coronavirus spreading from humans to animals. The tiger, named Nadia, was at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. According to reports, an employee of this zoo was found to be Corona virus-positive.

Later 3 zoo tigers were tested for dry cough, and one of these tigers is corona positive now. Symptoms of the disease started appearing in this tiger from 27 March itself. After this case, once again the debate has started as to whether the coronavirus can spread from humans to animals and how much danger is this virus to the pets?

WHO's opinion

World Health Organization earlier wrote on its myth-buster page that so far there have been no reported cases of coronavirus spreading to normal pets such as dogs, cats, etc. Still, the WHO has not expressed any opinion on how much the animals are threatened by the novel coronavirus. But WHO says that after touching and lifting your pet, it is good to wash your hands with soap and water. It can protect against many other types of bacteria and viruses.

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Can novel coronavirus spread in animals?


Coronavirus is a disease spread from animals (possibly bats). When the first case of coronavirus came to light in the city of Wuhan, China, it was discovered that the virus was spread by animals. After this, only cases of the virus were spread from humans to humans. According to an old report published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are several types of coronavirus. Some of these coronaviruses can affect animals, there have been no cases of new coronavirus i.e. COVID-19 spreading in animals. But the CDC also says that if you are touching animals, then wash your hands with soap.

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Guidelines for pet care

WHO animal

Apart from this, the CDC has also released some guidelines related to pet care during the illness. According to this guideline, if a person is a victim of or suspected of COVID-19 i.e. novel coronavirus, then they should not come in direct contact with the members of his household, besides the pets. Apart from this, these things should be kept in mind.

  • If another pet caretaker is present in the house, this responsibility should be given to the person until he/she recovers. 
  • The sick person should neither play with animals nor kiss or should feed the pets. 
  • If a sick person is taking care of the pet of the house, then he should touch the animal only by washing hands and with a mask on.

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