How Your Body Communicates With You When All Is Not Well

Your body may send warning signs when something is not right. Check this article for more information.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 18, 2022 14:33 IST
How Your Body Communicates With You When All Is Not Well

While we all know that our mind and body are synchronised. When something is not right with either, the other one gets affected too. Surprisingly, when there is any internal issue, your body reacts to it and warns you with certain signs. This article is all about some of the commonly experienced issues and what they might be indicating.

Our body converts everything we eat to bones, blood, and tissue. When there is an infection, the body raises its temperature to kill the viruses & bacteria. When faced with a potential threat, the body triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response & releases adrenaline and during this process the body automatically shuts down most functions, changes the breathing pattern, redirects the blood supply to the arms & legs to be able to run or fight, sweat is produced to cool down the body in case there is a need to run. This adrenalin release gives so much energy that one can almost fly.

If there is a cut or laceration or a fracture, the doctor stitches up the wound and prescribes painkillers and antibiotics to fight the bacteria & external threats, and the healing process happens internally, automatically. Our body uses its intelligence to repair tissue, bone & other damages on its own. Just on the basis of our intention to heal.

Whether it is a small wound or a major surgery, the body releases necessary chemicals and tissues to heal naturally. A fractured bone will regrow and heal itself. When you cut yourself shaving, the skin will heal itself.

How Your Body Communicates With You When All Is Not Well

Hence the saying, ‘You can heal yourself by thought alone’. Your body is in continuous sync with your mind, executing all deep thoughts. In this article, Asma Aziz, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Body, Mind, & Energy Healer shares the signals that our body sends when something is not right.

How body signals your mind

When our body is unable to heal itself, or execute an intention of the mind, it communicates accordingly. But often we are not listening; not because we don’t want to, but because we are not trained to. Not many courses or conscious training exists on how to listen to our body.

  • Back Pain - When we feel emotional stress, it can show up as upper back pain. When faced with financial challenges & lack of financial support, the lower back would start to get disturbed & it would show up as pain.(click here to read the study)
  • Breathing issues - When we experience fear, or unworthiness, it can show up as breathing issues.
  • Heart issue- When cheated, or manipulated by someone or left unloved, heart issues would crop up.
  • Prolonged bitterness & anger may lead to diabetes, tumours, ulcers & even cancers in the body.(click here to read the study)
How Body Communicates When All Is Not Well

What happens when we learn to communicate with our body

There are many forms of healing that help in understanding the language of the body like Ayurveda and hypnotherapy. During healing sessions I have personally seen patients heal from 25-year-old lower back aches, kidney stones, insomnia, body itching, thyroid etc.

These forms are also helpful in working with ailments like cancer, tumour, thyroid, blood sugar issues.

Our bodies can heal almost anything. When it doesn’t, it often isn't because the disease is too powerful. Our mind has a huge impact upon the body & thoughts. And most of the thoughts we entertain are feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, stress, guilt, etc. And these thoughts trigger the sympathetic nervous system & thus the body stops the healing process, focusing on the fight or flight response.

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