From Water To Healthy Fats, 10 Ways To Optimise Skin Health

Along with cleansing and moisturising, what you consume impacts your skin immensely.

Shubhangi Shah
Written by: Shubhangi ShahPublished at: Mar 08, 2022Updated at: Mar 08, 2022
From Water To Healthy Fats, 10 Ways To Optimise Skin Health

Do you what is the largest organ in your body? No, it is not the stomach nor the intestines. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Throughout the day, it suffers a lot. From dust, dirt, and pollution to hot or cold air and germs, it is exposed to a lot. Hence, it needs care just like the other vital organs in your body. In one of her recent posts on Twitter, nutritionist Subhasree Ray shared 11 ways to get better skin. Let us go through them one by one.

How To Take Care Of Skin Health?

Here is how you can take care of your skin health:

1. Rainbow Of Plants

It means to fill your plate with fruits and vegetables of different colours. Every colour has a benefit of its own. For example, blue and purple-coloured foods such as blueberries, brinjal, and purple cabbage are rich in antioxidants. These fight off oxidative stress and prevent cellular damage. It, in turn, prevents premature ageing. 

2. Healthy Fats

Avocadoes contain healthy fats that are good for skin

When it comes to health, fats are often mistakenly taken as a villain. Although some categories of fats are bad, you need the healthy kind that is called healthy fats. These are found in avocadoes, whole eggs, nuts, dark chocolate, etc. Among their many benefits are those for the skin. Healthy fats make skin flexible, moisturised, and supple, according to a leading health website. Many studies have also shown the same.

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3. Oily Fish

Among foods, oily fish are also excellent for healthy skin. Oily fish options include salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring, etc.

4. Hydrate

Just like food, water is crucial for skin health. It is because it keeps your skin hydrated, which is needed for sound skin health.

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5. Optimise Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is good for skin

You get vitamin D from the sun. Its primary benefits are regarding the immune system and bone health. But it isn’t restricted to that and is also good for your skin.

6. Reduce Toxic Load

Toxic load refers to the toxin build-up from various means like exposure to pollutants, fertilisers, pesticides, etc. All these have harmful effects on your health, including skin health. Hence, take steps to reduce your toxic load for better skin.

7. Manage Stress

Not just mood, stress can show on your skin as well. Hence, stress management is important for better skin. Some methods that you can employ include yoga, meditation, deep breathing, recreational activities, etc.

8. Liver Support

The liver is your body’s detoxification organ. Taking care of your liver health can show on your skin. Hence, take steps to prevent any damage to the liver and boost its health for better skin.

9. Heal The Gut

An unhealthy gut can reflect on your skin. It is also bad for your overall health. Hence, for better skin, take care of your gut health. You can do this by staying hydrated, having a balanced diet, resting well, and managing stress.

10. Avoid Processed/Refined Foods

Processed and refined foods such as cookies, chips, cakes, and pastries harm your health in more ways than one. They are also detrimental to skin health. Hence, to prevent that, minimise your intake of processed and refined foods as much as you can.

Who doesn’t want healthy skin? But for that, you need to put in consistent effort. Cleansing and moisturising are needed. However, equally crucial is to take note of what goes inside your body. Hence, focus on your diet, exercise well, and manage well for healthy and glowing skin.

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