These Signs And Symptoms May Indicate Towards A Root Canal Treatment! Watch Out!

What is a root canal treatment? A procedure for treating teeth to prevent further deterioration. Know why and how this treatment is done.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Nov 15, 2020 12:19 IST
These Signs And Symptoms May Indicate Towards A Root Canal Treatment! Watch Out!

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What is a root canal treatment used for? The root canal is a dental treatment procedure that is performed on people who have a deep cavity in the tooth, fracture or crack in the tooth, and tooth pulp infection. In such a situation, there is a need to canal the root. With the help of root canal treatment, the tooth is repaired and protected from further deterioration. In the root canal, the root of the tooth is removed from the nerve and the infected pulp. After which the teeth are cleaned and sealed and capped. When you need root canal treatment, their body will indicate you with some signs. You should never ignore these symptoms and immediately check with your dentist (as soon as you feel it).

How is root canal treatment done? 

Several people think that root canal treatment is an excruciating process. While this is not the case, it consists of monitoring to your teeth to complete the treatment process. The root canal process helps relieve pre-existing pain in the tooth, rather than being very painful. This treatment is done by an endodontist or dentist, in which the doctor starts the treatment only after taking an X-ray of the tooth. 

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Root canal: signs and symptoms 

Although the signs may vary slightly depending on the bacteria in the teeth, here we are telling you some of the significant and common symptoms of root canal treatment. 

  • Can you lose your teeth from receding gums? If you feel that there is loosening between the teeth and gums, this may be a symptom that you need root canal treatment. So that other complications can be avoided later.
  • Toothache: If you touch the affected tooth and feel a sharp pain, you should go to your dentist, as this may indicate a severe problem. In many cases, this root may be a sign of canal treatment, so consult your doctor and get treatment.
  • Tooth sensitivity treatment options: What if your tooth experiences sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages? In such a situation, it can cause extreme toothache, which can persist for a long time. This happens because the pulp begins to unravel. It may be normal initially, but it can become severe later. 
  • Persistent headache and toothache: If you have constant pain in your teeth and jaw pain, it makes you feel upset and uncomfortable. In such a situation, you can get yourself examined directly by a dentist and can choose the root canal treatment on their advice. But keep in mind that not every time a toothache is pointed towards a root canal treatment because sometimes, this pain can be due to gum disease or cavity. 


Do you have a worm in your teeth or your teeth causes severe pain? If yes, then we know how difficult is it for you to eat or drink anything. But how do you know that the problem you are suffering from is critical or regular? At times, there may be only pain due to tingling sensation in the teeth, but sometimes it can also indicate that you need dental treatment, which includes 'root canal'. 


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