How to Flirt With Women

How to Flirt with Women: Flirting with women made easy with few considerations and tips.

Himanshu Sharma
DatingWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Apr 30, 2012Updated at: Mar 06, 2013
How to Flirt With Women

How to Flirt With Women

Simple considerations can make flirting with women considerably easy. Flirting with women is considered hardship by many men and boys. This is because of the fact that they don’t have basic know-how of the trade. Moreover, some men have several confusions on communication approach in order to flirt.

Foremost aspect of flirting with girls is to understand level of communication for the conversation. Besides talking to the one you want to flirt, you need to demonstrate attraction so as to make her interested in you. If you have been successful in revealing an attractive personality to her, you are on course.


Instructions on How to Flirt with Women

1. Know Her First: Knowing your crush is important to begin flirting. Knowing doesn’t mean you need to ask her everything, but knowing one or two things will help you to get on course. Therefore, you can advance in the direction that she is expected to appreciate.
2. Humour and Cooky: Being cooky and humorous could be your best weapons to impress her. In this manner, she will remain interested in you as you have cultivated a higher status personality. By introducing humour, you can also tease her that readies you to make next move. Rather than acting like a clown or being arrogant, funny things have better chances to sprinkle the flirting magic. You can throw jokes like you're going to love her so much or even marry her.
3. Put her in Situations: Let her do some talking. Maintain a responsive communication by putting forth situations in front of her. For instance, ‘how about date this weekend’, or ‘lets catch up for movie’. Thereafter, react to the responses. In the process, remember to maintain jolly atmosphere by throwing jokes every now and then.
4. Discuss Adventures or Exciting Things: Most of women love adventures and excitement in their lives. Don’t brag unnecessarily about anything that’s in your brain. Rather steer the conversation that you are associated with adventures and brings the same for her. Projecting an exciting lifestyle that you live in.
5. Be the One to Initiate Conversation: Take the initiative to start the conversation. Moreover, if some agenda goes out of sorts, be the one to leave it first. Such gestures will be appreciated.
6. Be Playful: Switch on your playful mode. Be cool, jovial and make it all playful. Never try too hard or enforce things.


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