What Is Social Trauma, How To Deal With It

Read ahead to know what is social trauma and how to cope with it.

Tanya Srivastava
Written by: Tanya SrivastavaPublished at: Jun 03, 2022Updated at: Jun 03, 2022
What Is Social Trauma, How To Deal With It

Trauma can be described as a mind injury on a person that leaves permanent consequences. The term trauma when associated with and around public gathering and social circles is known as the social trauma.  The concept of trauma suggests confronting negative and dysfunctional consequences that social change can leave in its wake on a person or his personality. Society influences both a human's mind and body that too extensively.

The theory of emotional attachment states that in the time of crisis or traumatic situations, people feel insecure. So much so that it restricts them in the environment they live and breathe in.  This symptom can lead to lowered responsiveness to people they hang out with. When children experience such a mix of emotions they tend to have attachment issues. There is a vivid elucidation that social changes leave significant consequences on the emotional lives of human beings. Here are a few ways you can deal with social trauma.

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Tips to deal with social trauma

1. Honestly

As a child, we are sure that you've heard that honestly is the best policy. Well, there cannot be any truer words. If you're feeling anxious or traumatized in a social gathering, it is in the best interest to come clean about the same. If you're trying to run away from a social gathering then, instead of ghosting the person, you may just as well try to drop a text or call the person to tell him the honest drill. This will immediately take the person on your side, and lift the heavy weight off your shoulders.

2. Prepare

The best way to deal with social anxiety and trauma is by preparing both mentally and physically. Choose what you’re going to wear before hand only. This will take off the last minute hassle of what to wear and i don't have anything to wear. Make sure that you choose an outfit that makes you feel both confident, and also comfortable.

3. Distract

It always helps to have some distractions or distraction techniques on hand in case you're not feeling in place. If you are fearing a social gathering, play games (online or offline), listen to music or maybe dance. You do you! Nothing takes the mind off the undue anxiety like when you are in a comfortable vicinity that's absolutely fine with you and your personality.

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4. Talk

The best way to deal with a problem is to face it. Therefore, if you are already in a social gathering and there's no escape, it is best that you deal with the problem in hand. As a person who's socially anxious and traumatized, it can be difficult. However, talking is doable. Say hello, strike a conversation and then pull through. Make sure that you are honest while talking also, that might help you in opening up better.

5. Have a back up plan

There are a few people who you know you can call and text at any given point. Set those people beforehand and use them as a back up in case of emergency. This person or these people will help you in escaping from that social gathering.

There you go, just like that you have made it. We understand that these tips are easier said than done but with sheer consistency and a strong will, you will pull it off. Make sure that you are comfortable before going to a social situation or get together and trust your gut and instincts.