Learn how to mollify annoyance of passive aggressive people

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Sep 19, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Never take it personally whatever passive aggressive people tell you.
  • Stay calm and never fuel their anger.
  • Empathise with them and their tough situation.

Passive aggressive people can be a tough bunch to deal with. Their usual conversations can consist of sarcasm, victimhood, or any other methods to get away with something they would not like to do. Hence, to save yourself from their aggression recognize these people and learn the ways to deal with them.

But, before your start communicating and dealing with this lot you must be prepared to get irritated and frustrated at many instances. You may not be able to decipher the reason for their rigid and selfish behaviour. Also, you will soon realise that there is nothing that can bring a change in their personality and it is you who will have to bring a change in the way you respond to them.

So, here few ways in which you can deal with passive aggressive people and make your life easy.

Never take it personally

You must convince yourself thoroughly that you are not the one who is responsible for their aggressive behaviour. It has been triggered by their personal experiences and it is not your responsibility. It is just that you are the most convenient person for them to throw upon their negativity.

Stay calm

This is the golden rule to deal with such hard-hitting people. Your staying calm can avoid fuelling their anger and you won’t have to fall a victim of their aggression.


Although their aggression may make it seem to be impossible for you but, empathizing may calm them down dramatically. If something has gone wrong in the office today with them, tell them how bad you felt about it and how much you understand the situation they are going through.

Be vocal and direct

You must be direct about your expectations from such people. Also, you must tell them straight forward the consequences of not meeting the expectations. You must stick to facts and use no emotions while communicating your expectations to passive aggressive people.

Don’t try struggle for power

Whenever you are in an argument with these aggressive personalities you mustn’t ever try to get into a struggle to attain a powerful position. They have unbelievable experience in winning in such situations.


If you are determined to not to lose your calm, understanding their viewpoint would help you stay patient. Try to comprehend the reason behind their objections. This will help you have a healthy discussion and your chances of succeeding to convince them will increase.

Understanding these tactics would help you lower your expectations from people who suffer from this disorder.

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