How to control pregnancy weight gain

Best way to control excessive weight gain during pregnancy is to keep a check on your calorie intake. Eat healthy and increase fluid intake in your diet.

Bushra Kafeel
PregnancyWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jul 20, 2011Updated at: Jul 20, 2011
How to control pregnancy weight gain

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy increases the risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, complications in labour and delivery, increased need for interventions (such as vacuum extraction) and caesarean section during delivery. Here are some of the ways to control weight gain during pregnancy;

Calorie Count

According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), on average pregnant women must consume 2500-2700 calories on daily basis. This is not a huge increase in your calorie need before pregnancy. With a well balanced diet that include all the basic food groups ranging from dairy, fruit meat and vegetables will help you to gain healthy weight.

Increase Water Intake

Drink at least eight glasses of water or healthy fluid (milk or juices) on daily basis. Increased water intake will help you in two ways. Firstly it curbs your appetite and keeps you away from munching unhealthy calories. Secondly it aid digestion, regulates body temperature, flush waste, provides fluid to growing blood tissue and amniotic fluid needs.

Say 'no' to Fast Food

Majority of fast foods are high on calorie and low on nutrition. It is wise to avoid fast food during pregnancy as they only add to unhealthy weight and calories. Commercially available frozen meals, burgers, noodles and pizzas must be eliminated from pregnant women’s diet. 

Decrease Sugar Intake

To control weight loss during pregnancy you must replace your ice cream with yogurt or fruits. The whole idea is to cut down sugar intake; you must avoid chocolates and candy.

Increase intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet

Another effective way to control pregnancy weight gain is to increase your fruits and vegetable intake. Include salad serving in your lunch and dinner. Small fruits servings can be taken throughout the day. 


Exercise during pregnancy is good for most women. You can join an exercise program for pregnant women or hire a personal trainer who is certified and experienced. Exercise increases body’s dopamine level and suppress the appetite. Besides this exercise during pregnancy also prepare your body for easy delivery.