How To Choose Your Food Wisely To Deal With Fats?

Fats are presented bad but they aren’t really. There are good fats that contribute to building health. You must learn to choose fat burning foods.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Feb 02, 2021Updated at: Feb 03, 2021
How To Choose Your Food Wisely To Deal With Fats?

There are a lot of problems associated with the fat stored in the body and many people are finding ways to curb this problem. Food habits have a major role to play in this with regular exercise habits. Fat has a fattening image that always leads to the accumulation of extra fat in the body. This is the reason behind the advice to the people with major health concerns to avoid fat and foods containing fats. People who are on a weight loss journey have always been forced to banish fats from their diets and to shift to the low-fat-diets. This is truly Half-knowledge about fats and fat ingredients. Let us tell you how to choose your fats wisely.

Is Fat Really Bad?

There are some cases, where cutting fats in your daily diet also doesn’t give satisfactory results. The reason behind this is that while avoiding fats, we are consuming other high-calorie foods. So, to achieve a health goal you need to understand what is fat and what the things are, which makes you look fat.

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Fat is an essential part of a healthy diet, we get the highest amount of energy from fat. It helps the body with several body functions like absorption & transportation of fat-soluble vitamins & minerals, the building of cell membranes, muscle movement, inflammation, & skin insulation. As a bonus, fat in food helps you feel full by maintaining your satiety, so you don’t keep on munching. In simple words, the body stores fat for protection, warmth, and energy. So, fat is not so as bad as you are thinking.

This explains that fat is important for our body, so now we have to understand what are the major things, which are making us fat.

Relation Between Fat Consumption and Calories

As per Amit Tyagi, Founder of the Neuherbs, our daily total calorie intake gives a major impact on our overall body composition. We do not get calories from fat products only; we are getting it from carbs-sugar and protein as well. We should be aware that how we can manage the total calories present in our daily food plate.

According to Mr. Amit Tyagi, Founder of the Neuherbs, the ideal amount of calories depends on one’s body needs. For eg: if your body requires 1400 calories in a day and you are consuming 2000 calories then ultimately you are going to increase your bodyweight along with extra fat. The right proportion of Carbs-fat-protein can only make the food healthier. There should be high fibre carbs, unsaturated fats, and lean protein. Because our body only recognizes the calories we are eating in a whole day whether it is coming from fat, carbs, or protein. Therefore, we have to make the right choices.

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Our dietary fat (which you eat in your food) choices is also important, whether we are choosing healthy fats or unhealthy fats. Saturated fats like dalda, ghee, palm oil, are recommended to eat in less or limited amounts as they can affect heart health if taken in high amounts regularly. Others are unsaturated fats (Polyunsaturated fats & Monounsaturated fats) like olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, groundnut oil, some essential fat like fish oil, etc. which are considered as good fats as they are good for heart & bone health.

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Ways to Reduce Fat in Diet

To keep yourself away from bad calories, avoid the third and man-made fat i.e. Trans-fat, they are produced industrially and come in the packaged or processed food that most teens and mature adults rely on for their daily snacks like- chips, cookies, etc. These fats are become part of our day-to-day life and should be controlled on a serious note because they are the most dangerous and unhealthy ones.


Instead of playing the blame game with fat just tries to make healthy fat choices and take care of total calorie intake in a day. In short, it is important to understand that a specific type of fat has a specific effect on the body. It could be good or bad based on the way and quantity in which we consume them. The right choice of food can cure many problems and diseases. So, choose wisely and stay happy and healthy. Be wise while choosing foods for eating plate. Include more unsaturated fats like fish oil, mustard oil, walnuts, almonds, olive oil. Fat won’t make you fatty but those extra calories will. Choose Wise, Eat Right!

(With inputs from Mr. Amit Tyagi, Founder of the Neuherbs)

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