How To Channelize The Energy Of Your Hyperactive Child Towards Productive Work?

If your child is hyperactive, make sure you are following all the measures given in this article to control him and make him productive.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 17, 2020
How To Channelize The Energy Of Your Hyperactive Child Towards Productive Work?

If you have a hyperactive child who cannot sit in one place, headaches must be permanent. Children have immense energy and hyperactive children’s energy levels are overwhelming. They are not easy to come under control which is why their parents find it very hard to manage them. They are always active and most of them are non-disciplined. If you are also bothered with the hyperactivity of your child, here is how you can control them and channelize their energy into useful works.

Turn the energy in the right direction

If the child is diabolical it means that there is a lot of energy in his body. If you turn this energy in the right direction, you can get good results. For example, if the child likes to play, you should not stop him from playing. Nowadays sports is also a good career option. Apart from sports, you can encourage such children to do something creative, so that the child can use his energy in a meaningful way, such as cleaning the garden, washing the car, digging the soil, walking, painting, dancing, etc. Such children are very ahead in exercising etc. Therefore, you should give them creative work according to their interest. You can also involve them in your workout.

Have a fixed timetable and make sure they follow them

The problem with hyperactive children is that it is not easy to control them. Setting up a timetable can be very useful in this situation. When the child is young, make a fixed timetable for him. It should include school time, study time, playtime and sleep time. In the beginning, these types of restrictions cause problems to the child, but gradually he adapts himself according to this timetable and there is a kind of stability in his personality.

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Feed less sugar and carbs

The body gets energy from glucose. So if your child is hyperactive, control his sweet eating habit and carbohydrates (carbs) from childhood. Both sugar and carbs increase glucose in the body which produces more energy making the child super-active. Diet patterns can also bring a little stability in the child's temperament. Feed them more greens. Here are some tips to hide green veggies in child's food.

Engage them in an activity

If you put hyperactive kids in an activity, then it keeps them busy and their energy is also utilized properly. Such children can be sent for dance class, judo-karate class, swimming class etc. Apart from this, athletics and sports are very good options. These activities give children the right opportunity to use their energy.

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Forgive some mistakes

Sometimes, mistakes are allowed considering their playful age. However, do not forgive when they commit a major mistake that may negatively add to their personality. Bouncing on the bed, dirtying walls, making faces, etc. are tolerable and you should not stop the child from such activities.

Following the above-mentioned steps would certainly bring favourable changes. Your child would remain hyperactive but also productive. Some small changes in parenting can resolve many issues just like this one. We believe now you won’t have any problem in handling your hyperactive child.

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