How Supplements For Muscle Gain Can Affect Kidney Health? Check Precautionary Tips For Consumption

Are you heavily dependent on muscle gain powders and supplements? Know the link how it can damage kidney health

Jigyasa Nagpal
Written by: Jigyasa NagpalUpdated at: May 11, 2021 12:02 IST
How Supplements For Muscle Gain Can Affect Kidney Health? Check Precautionary Tips For Consumption

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Aren’t we all trapped in this system of easy demand and supply? Whatever we want is now just a click away- clothes, food and even a lean body. Almost all of us are aware of supplements and tonics that people take for getting that nutrient demand fulfilled in order to fulfil deficiencies, not to mention the desired body shape, size. But are we also aware of the effect it causes on our kidney health after all the final delivery is to the kidneys, which will filter and expel waste properly.


The nutrient demand of our body needs to be supplied on a daily basis in order to maintain regular and efficient functioning of all body systems. These nutrients help us complete our daily tasks that are provide required energy to perform the tasks, build our body and fights diseases. The hurry and worries of our life make us depend on the easier and faster means of nutrient supply, which is, supplements and tonics. This makes us forget what our natural sources do, even if they take more time. What we do not heed too much is the effect these supplements have on our kidney.


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Especially when we have a few complex health problems, or a family history of kidney or related problems, one should be more careful while taking up any supplements. A diabetic, blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity should be considered before supplementation. Consulting a doctor beforehand is advisable. How Supplements For Muscle Gains Can Affect Kidney Health Let’s know more about this. 


A lot of our youth wanting to get that chiselled and lean body has become dependent on many supplements for building those muscles. And for the rest of us due to our lifestyle, food habits, mental, economic, environmental conditions, our diet suffers for lack of nutrient supply and hence we resort to these supplements.

It is very important to consult an expert dietician before taking supplements, even if you do not have a history of diseases from your family. Let’s see why-

A precautionary for future- If you realize your consult your daily diet pattern, lifestyle, and habits, you can get a fair idea for yourself in the way the supplements may or may not affect your body. One can know the biochemical effect of the supplement and hence double check its consumption value. Even if they are herbal supplements, the effect is different for everyone. So, knowing beforehand is always good.


There aren’t very early signs for effect on kidney- The effect on kidney cannot be sensed easily because when they occur, it is generally a major kind of sickness. Supplements, their quantity as well their quality may affect our kidney functions till after a long time.

Types of Supplements- Supplements are generally designed from a single use range to wide range. This means you can get a wide spectrum type of supplements that can cause multiple positive and/or negative effects on the body as well as a narrow spectrum type that can cause effect on a single organ or for a single function on the body such as weight loss. While we are using wide spectrum supplements/ tonics, the positive and negative effects can be on all the body systems, that is, also on the part where we may not want.

All these reasons point towards knowing more before adapting. Your diet consultant will advise you for supplements he/ she have found effective over the years for everyone is general. So, you should ensure you take as per your body needs and likes.


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Double Check your Diet- Your Diet pattern, your eating habits, your likes, dislikes, what suits your body should be referred before taking up a supplement

Check your family history- Know if your parents and/ or close relative have a history of heart or kidney diseases. 

Monitor Your Own Health too- See what foods affect your blood pressure or blood sugar level; monitor both blood sugar and blood pressure regularly

  • Get your kidney tested at least once a year
  • Opt for a kidney safe supplement, wherever possible
  • Check up on your Lifestyle- A stressful lifestyle clubbed with low or very high physical activity both can affect. And sleep well.
  • Include a healthy workout regime suited to your body
  • Check up on your Smoking or Alcohol Amount

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