How Is Poor Diet Related To Diabetes?

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Aug 23, 2012

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Diabetes is one of the most painstaking diseases that you can get and a poor diet can often be the cause of the same. What is a poor diet? It does not just mean low food intake, it can also mean proper or too much wrong type of food intake. Diabetes as you may know is a condition where the body is not being able to control the blood glucose level. Often this is related to a poor diet habit.


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Ideally a poor diet can be considered a sort of diet where either your calorie count is extremely high or there is a scarcity of proper nutrients in your diet. Poor diet also most time includes fast foods and sugared and coloured sodas that are high on fats, carbohydrates and sodium. There is a very big risk of getting heart diseases due to high cholesterol. Coming back to diabetes, we need to understand that a poor diet can also lead to diabetes along with many other diseases and this combination can be fatal.


Food and Diabetes Relation


Having diabetes means that your body is incapable of producing or using insulin properly. Now this insulin is used by your body to control the glucose level. If your diet is poor then you have chances of getting your glucose level very high and in the process will get very serious health problems. This is because the worst foods for your glucose level in the blood are refined carbohydrates and sugary drinks.  If you do have diabetes or you do not want to prevent the disease you will have to start eating well.


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The Good Foods


You can eat food like eatable plants, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Also take the fat from healthy sources and not cheese burgers and sundry. Eat fish, seeds and nuts and cook your food with vegetable oil like olive oil and canola oil. When you eat such healthy foods then your body maintains a healthy weight and keeps you fit. Doing some exercises will also help you to a great extent. And certainly the most important factor is that you should avoid sugary substances and sugar as an eating thing.


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Mostly people with type 2 diabetes are expected to follow a strict diet plan. It is always advisable to visit a doctor and get a diet plan in accordance to your type of diabetes.




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