How to Help People with Bad Parenting Skills?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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For most, parenting comes naturally, but many still do a poor job. Bad parenting can result in behavioral problems, poor school performance or possible drug abuse in the child. But how do you know if you are a bad parent and what are you doing wrong? This is important to break the habit of bad parenting. Read on to know signs of bad parenting.

  • Avoiding/Ignoring/Neglecting your child.
  • Criticizing or abusing him physically/mentally/verbally.
  • Complaining to others about him.
  • Comparing with other children and making him feel useless and worthless.
  • Constantly condemning or scolding him.
  • Bickering/shouting/screaming at him.
  • Ignoring him.
  • Denying him love, security and comfort at home.
  • Punishing him too often and out of proportionate for his age or wrong doing.

Remember that if he does not feel safe, comfortable and loved at home it can rub off on him. Build a trusting and loving relationship; it is important for his physical and mental development.



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