How to Get Rid of Breast Cancer

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Dec 13, 2011

Breast cancer is the second most predominant form of cancer detected in women after lung cancer. Increasingly breast cancer has started effecting men and women alike. Old age, early menstruation, late menopause, no children, consuming oral contraceptive pills, hormone use, prior radiation therapy, genetic reasons have all contributed to the prevalence of breast cancer in women.


Get rid of breast cancer by following these steps:

  • Discuss the options for your cancer treatment with your oncologist and depending on the stage of your cancer, your doctor will prescribe you with medicines.
  • Get a mammogram on a four yearly basis post 40. A mammogram functions by placing your breast between two plates where in, x-rays pass through it and produce clear imagery of the breast tissue.
  • An ultrasound deploys the technology of a sound machine that generates images when it scans the body part in question. The ultrasound is a common preliminary technique to check for any cysts in the breast.
  • Surgery can help to remove the cancerous lump in the breast but it does not prevent the lump from re-occurring.
  • Post surgery you can get a radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy will kill cancer cells and is by far the most common way to avert breast cancer.
  • Hormonal therapy will be helpful to treat some types of cancer. If the tumours are supplied with adequate body hormones, the tumour will not spread to other parts of the body and will prevent terminal cancer.
  • Medications prescribed by your doctor should be consumed regularly in the given time frame.
  • Ensure that you eat healthy and get plenty of sleep to cope well with your low immunity.
  • Self breast examination is the best way to detect any abnormality in the breast though doctors and numerous healthcare experts believe that self breast examination will not change the mortality rate.
  • Mammograms, ultrasounds, CT scans are often considered to be the best clinical methods to detect any lumps or abnormal masses in the breast.
  • Women with BRCA mutation, if they get their ovaries removed surgically, have 50% less risk of falling prey to breast cancer.
  • If a relative has been detected with breast cancer, try and get yourself checked for BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene which drastically increases your risk to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

More than 6, 00,000 people die of breast cancer on an annual basis ensure you get yourself checked up periodically to get rid of breast cancer.





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