How to End a Romance

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Jun 22, 2012

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How to End a RomanceTelling your partner that you wish to move on or you cannot take it any more can seem to be very difficult for some. Perhaps it is the most difficult thing to do, but how about ending it on a good note? The best way to end a romance on good terms is to scrutinise your relationship for the differences you people have and allowing yourself to come to terms with the reality.

Do it the right way

The pains after a breakup depend a lot on the duration of the relationship. It is equally troublesome for both the parties involved to move on if it was a long-term or live-in relationship. Instead of avoiding discussions with your partner or not answering their phone calls, think of the right way to break the news.

“Let’s talk” mode

Most of us pass through this phase when nothing seems to work the way we wish. In reality, you cannot move out in the middle of the night to tell your partner you’re parting ways with him/her.  If you have decided that your relationship is not working out anymore, you need to answer some questions. Does your partner see that bond you people have shared is falling apart? Will s/he let it go? The best way to get your answers is to confide in your partner. Be honest to yourself as well as to him/her.  Initiate the conversation and try to rationalise your feelings.

Stop Complaining

Refrain from falling prey to the blame-game. It has to be mutual and so, your patronising him/her will not work. No matter whose fault it is, if you feel that the loss in the relationship is irrevocable, then there is no use of blaming each other. This will lead to more conflicts and an ugly break up, which may send your partner to the point of no return. Realise that calling off the relationship amicably is in the interest of both of you.

Keep your friends out of it

This is the biggest mistake which almost everyone of us make. There is no need to flaunt your break up. Don't tell friends, family or colleagues before you call it off. If you want to make it public, divulge as little details as possible. Though your friends and family give you emotional and mental support, remember that this is a private issue between you and your partner.

By following the aforementioned tips to breakup, you won’t lose the good friend you have in your partner. It may be heartbreaking for the two of you, but it won’t let go off the mutual respect and dignity.


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