Tips to Plan a Blind Date

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Mar 15, 2012

Tips to Plan a Blind DatePlanned blind date is more likely to bring desired outcome for you. Especially in the case of romantic expectations, planning is the key. Two people meeting for the first time must have positive approach and willingness to trust each other for deriving more than expected on a blind date.

Mentioned below are aspects to be considered while planning for a blind date:

No Realistic Expectation

Rather than realistic expectations, keep everything casual, controlled and fun. Little expectations will lead you to win-win situation, wherein either you derive more than expected or lose noting et al.

Be Ready for Initiatives

Your little effort can reduce awkwardness of your date. In order to make most out of the moment, make attempts to keep conversation cruising. Moreover, you should be the one to initiate the conversation. Try to know person as much as you can, but avoid getting into personal issues. Asking about previous relationships is a big turn-off, so avoid it. If you believe that you two should know each other more, ask your date about email or contact details.

Emotional Preparation

You need to be ready, be it mentally or emotionally. Be prepared to face the rejection or the worst result. Express whatever you feel on the meeting, but with politeness that he/she might not get hurt. Make sure that you are prepared to handle unacceptable situations or bewildering circumstances. Keep calm by compromising on your social sobriety.

Be Polite

If blind date turns exactly opposite to what you hoped, don’t be harsh but be polite to convey something like ‘it was nice to meet you, I don’t think we’ll click’. Don’t use harsh remarks like ‘I don’t like you’ on dates’ face.


One of the foremost things to remember on a blind date is safety. This aspect is more applicable if the date is arranged over the internet. It is recommended to go out during the daytime as it is safer. Meeting place must be a decided after considering safety; a public place should be the preference. In addition to this, tell one of your trustworthy friends regarding your date along with meeting place.


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