Control your dreams with these 5 simple techniques

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Dec 20, 2017
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  • There aren’t many who are naturally able to experience lucid dreams.
  • The awareness that you are dreaming can be learnt.
  • You need to develop the ability to recall your dreams.

Most people have dreams every night and not many think much about them. Ever wondered taking control of them? Only a very few are able to take control of their dreams, whether for a certain purpose or to have fun. There aren’t many who are naturally able to experience lucid dreams, though most can learn the technique with practice.

Develop the ability to recall

First, you need to develop the ability to recall your dreams. It can happen by focusing on remembering dreams just before you sleep. Just put off all the thoughts and concentrate on not forgetting the details of your mental adventures. It will trigger your brain when it's time to put them down on record. 

Keep a record

Keep a dream journal; take a moment to pen all the details you can derive from memory the moment you wake up. Take a note of all the key details without allowing your mind to have enough time to erase the memory. You can also try recalling your dreams in reverse as sometimes, it is easier than trying to start right from the beginning.

Remember what you remember

Take a note of images, items and theme. These can be used as signs to encourage your brain to start a lucid dream. It can be something like taking a walk in the park, walking a dog and or finding yourself in a strange land. Taking note of these signs will be a great help for you on your quest to induce lucid dreaming.

Reality check

Ask yourself what you saw in the dream. Did it actually happen? Such a question may seem a little weird, but looking for the answers can help train your mind and increase your chances of recognizing dream signs. 

Maintaining the dream

Most often you will find that you are losing the dreams when you realize you are dreaming. In such a situation, you must stay relaxed and allow your brain to let you stay in your lucid dream state. Try to tell yourself not to wake up. 

At first, you won't remember your dreams. The practice will take some time for you to take control of your dreams. Gradually, you'll remember more. After a point of time, dreams will become your personal playground and you will be able to do what you want in the dream. Your imagination will be the only limitation!

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