Homeopathic Remedies For Heart Diseases

Homoeopathic remedies for heart diseases are quite effective, it can help in heart disease, ranging from hypertension, hypercholesterolemia etc.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Feb 14, 2020 12:54 IST
Homeopathic Remedies For Heart Diseases

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Across the country, cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of mortality. As we look towards the treatment, it is important to first understand the heart. The human heart is an autonomous vital organ that does not depend on the brain for commands. It is muscular, vascular and innervates by the autonomic nervous system. Should something goes wrong, a pacemaker is inserted, which can be activated, to ensure the heart functions as normal. However, what is more, important is a symptom-based holistic treatment, which is where homoeopathy comes into play.

What is particularly important when opting for the homoeopathic route is to be observant of your body. Take note of your mental and physical symptoms. Along with administering the remedy specific to one’s condition, it is essential to do so with the constitutional remedy as well. This is specialised to the individual and ensures the disease is removed from the roots. Along with this, it is important to consult a homoeopathy specialist, to fully understand the diagnosis, and its treatment.

Here, we share some common heart diseases that are treatable through homoeopathy:

Congenital heart diseases


This condition most often requires surgical intervention, however, when diagnosed in the paediatric age group, can be treated through homoeopathy. Through the use of medicines such as Arnica, Hypericum, Staphysagria, Ledum Pal, Causticum this is possible. More often than not, this also leads to respiratory infections, which are developed due to inadequate oxygen, and lowered immunity. In this case, medicines like Bryonia, Ars Alb, Ant Tart, Dulcamara, Ipecac, Calcarea Carb, Pulsatilla can be used effectively.

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Coronary Artery Diseases


Coronary artery diseases are caused by plaque deposits in the coronary arteries, leading to Angina. This is characterised by chest pains due to the reduced blood flow to the heart, wherein patients will feel like their chest is being squeezed, intense pressure, heaviness, tightness, or pain in the chest. This can be both, a recurring condition, or can also come, like a sudden attack. Homoeopathic remedies for the same include Cactus, Glonoine, Bryonia, Oxalic Acid, and Spigelia.

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Myocardial Infarction

Commonly known as heart attacks, these are caused when muscles of the heart fail, due to loss of blood supply, owing to clots and blockages. This condition requires immediate medical treatment, and continuous monitoring to ensure the patient recuperates. Homoeopathic medicines that are beneficial for victims of a heart attack include Ars God, Aurum Mur, Viperia, Crataegus, and Lachesis.


Heart Failure

Also known as congestive cardiac failure, this is a chronic condition in which the heart cannot pump blood as well as it should. The patient suffering from this tends to experience shortness of breath, fatigue, swelling on their legs and an increase in the pace of their heartbeats. To treat the symptoms, which include dyspnoea, one can take Acon Ferox and Aspendos. In the case of dropsy, remedies like Adonis, Digitalis, and Kali Carb are recommended.


Improper or irregular beating of the heart is also known as Arrhythmia. This can be treated by Tachycardia Abies Nig, Agaricus Mus, and Agnus Castus. Across the world, homoeopathy has been recognised as a holistic approach to healthcare, and its benefits are gaining popularity in recent times. It is also pegged to become the medicine choice of for the future. Besides adopting a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle to keep one’s heart-healthy, do remember that when opting for the homoeopathy route, always consult a qualified physician, and take medicines under their supervision.

(Authored by Dr Umaima, Consultant Homoeopath at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai)

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