Home Remedies For Toothache

Anyone who has suffered from a toothache will understand the intensity of the pain involved. Try some home remdies to treat it effectively.

Pratima Sharma
Written by: Pratima SharmaUpdated at: Dec 12, 2016 15:25 IST
Home Remedies For Toothache

Toothaches can happen anytime and give you sleepless nights. It happens when the nerve root of the tooth is irritated due to decay, infection or injury.. The pain can also happen after the tooth is extracted and it can spread to the jaw and ears. Some of the common causes for toothaches are gum disease, dental decay and plaque.


These problems can be very painful, but flossing or applying fluoride toothpaste can help in cleaning the teeth. Toothache sufferers normally take painkillers to get immediate relief but sometimes painkillers also prove ineffective in treating acute toothache. However, there are certain home remedies for toothaches which provide prompt but temporary relief.

The director of the Oro-facial pain and Oral Medicine graduate program, Dr. Glenn Clark, at the USC school of Dentistry, found that people suffering from headaches or migraines can suffer from toothaches, and vice versa.

He states, “The sensory nerve linking the headaches and toothaches is the Trigeminal nerve, and it can cause pain transmission to face, jaw, scalp, teeth and oral structures.” The home remedies designed for toothaches can reduce the sore feeling which if left untreated can spread to other parts of the body. Some effective home remedies for toothaches are:

  • Apply ice cubes to the ache. It is an effective home remedy for toothache and it can provide relief to patients by 70 to 90 per cent.
  • Sprinkle salt on garlic cloves or onion, and rub the paste on the tooth or the gum to reduce pain. Garlic kills bacterial infections and it is considered to be one of the effective toothache home remedies.


treatment for toothache


  • Clove oil can be applied to the tooth to reduce pain and it helps in reducing infections and tooth decay caused by infections. On a cotton ball, apply a drop of clove oil and put it on the tooth or the gums.
  • Alcohol is also effective;  take some whiskey and pour it on the paining gums and tooth.
  • Drink asafoetida with a glass of lemon juice.
  • Make a mixture of pepper powder and common salt and apply it to alleviate toothache.
  • Try eating a raw lime (with the peel) as it is known to offer the much needed toothache relief.


Toothaches are a very painful condition and the patients may suffer from continuous sharp shooting or throbbing pains which may make their lives miserable. Sometimes hot and sometimes cold food items can also cause excess pain. Try to brush and clean the teeth to prevent accumulation of bacteria in the gums and teeth.

Restrict intake of sugary items, and increase intake of fruits and vegetables which are high in fibre to prevent dental decay. These home remedies for toothaches  will give temporary relief from the problem until you plan to meet your dentist and get a permanent solution.



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