10 Effective Home Remedies To Ease Breast Tenderness

Breast tenderness is faced by numerous women, here are some effective home remedies to cure this condition with ease

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 26, 2021 11:54 IST
10 Effective Home Remedies To Ease Breast Tenderness

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Women face several conditions related to their breast that are very important to be addressed. Due to lack of awareness and attention, these problems grow to be a nightmare for them. Breast tenderness is also one of the conditions which need to be addressed as soon as you know. Tenderness can occur in breasts because of several reasons, fortunately it does not need a medical support until the pain or soreness becomes worse. Hence in majority of cases, breast tenderness in women can be sorted out with help of simple home remedies that are effective in relieving breast tenderness.

Natural Home Remedies for Breast Tenderness

Here are some home remedies which could prove to be an effective way to reduce tenderness in breasts. These remedies are ways to keep the fluid retention in check and coax your hormones into breast friendly balance. Check these home remedies for benefits-

1. Massage your breasts

Giving a good massage to your breast can improve the circulation of blood flowing in the arteries which could elevate lump formation from the breast. This is one of the first remedy that most women actually try to get rid of breast tenderness. Try to give massage to your breast in shower with slightly warm water flowing over it. Make your hands move from centre of the chest towards the armpits in repetitive motion. This will help you clear fluid that may carry infections in the body and ease your soreness.


2. Give it ice treatment

Sometimes it is a good way to treat breast tenderness by applying ice pack on your breast. Keep a bag or ice pack on your breast and move it in circular motion to release the lump formed inside breast and ease tenderness. Put ice pack for around 10 minutes to reduce the swelling, this will also aid in reducing the pain caused by breast tenderness.

3. Consider support bras

Do not wear underwire bra if you are feeling tenderness on your breasts, instead opt for support bra that can increase support to your breasts. This will help your to retain better blood circulation and you can also wear them to bed during sleep. It can be beneficial in reducing the pinch and pain that happens during breast tenderness. Make sure that you wear a bra in which your breasts do not pinch and are more comfortable. Also do not wear loose or extra tight bras as it might worsen your pain and condition.

4. Eat soya more often

Soya is actually really good food, there are many false myths that revolve around this food. Soya contains hormone like compounds that could influence your hormonal function. This hormone called phytoestrogen present in soya helps in menstruation and menopause. You may also have some substitutes such as tofu or soya nuts in your meals to elevate breast pain during tenderness.

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5. Increase fibre intake

Fibres are actually beneficial to improve your oestrogen levels in the body, having more oestrogen can cure the problem of tenderness in breast. For this you need to take more fibre in your diet by adding more fruits, whole grains, vegetables and legumes. High fibre diet has also been proved effective in reducing breast tenderness in a number of studies done by Tufts University of Medicine. 

6. Reduce your fats

Fats can be significant amount of your diet. Majority of people have around 30% of their total calories from fats which is not ideal in the situation of breast tenderness. Women who tend to eat lesser fats in their diet tend to fall less for conditions like breast tenderness and incidence of breast pain. Breast pain can reduce over time and soreness may also be elevated as you start having fewer fats in your diet.


7. Reduce intake of Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oil which is present in many of snack and baked items are not good for your health. It increases the chances of breast tenderness because they have fatty acids that turn into gamma linolenic acid that prevents breast tissue from becoming painful. Diet is one of the crucial factors in lowering the symptoms of breast tenderness. Hydrogenated oils present in baked food items, snacks and margarine should be avoided to reduce this problem.

8. Reduce your sodium intake

Sodium is generally taken in the form of salt in the diet. Salt is responsible for increasing water retention in the body that causes breasts to swell up. This condition should be eased to promote healthy breast and health cycle. Sodium needs to balanced and take less salt in diet if you have breast tenderness. Especially be careful about the consumption of salt around 2 weeks before your period occurs. 

9. Have Dandelion

This is natural diuretic which is used as an herb to ease breast tenderness. Dandelion is a herb which also comes in the form of capsule now, this herb is efficient in reducing breast tenderness and problems related to breast pain. It can be had with warm water by adding around 2-3 spoons of water for 15 minutes. You can drink 3 cups of dandelion water to relief breast tenderness.

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10. Add vitamin E and B6 to your diet

Both vitamin E and B6 are effective to relieve breast tenderness. This is because these supplements and nutrients provide adequate amounts of vitamins needed for your body to give a boost to your health. It reduced soreness and eases inflammation caused in the breast because of breast tenderness. You can have nuts, barley, wheat germ and avocados to increase amount of vitamin E and vitamin B6 in your meals.

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