Home remedies for boils that really work

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Feb 24, 2012
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  • Tea tree oil is effective in relieving the discomfort of boils.
  • Use onion to heal the boil as it contains antiseptic chemicals.
  • Garlic juice helps ripen the boil and let the pus come out of it.
  • Apply a mixture of milk cream and vinegar with a pinch of turmeric powder.

A boil may begin as a tender, pinkish-red, swollen, firm area in the skin. Over time, it will feel like a water-filled balloon or cyst. Boils usually need to open and drain in order to heal. You can simply heal your skin boils at home by following the given home remedies for boils:




Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is effective in relieving the discomfort of boils. Considering that tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic, it heals the boil quickly. Pour six to seven drops of tea tree oil in a cup of distilled water, soak a clean cloth into it and smoothly press it directly on your boil. You can repeat it several times a day. You can apply this oil externally on the boil though there is a decent chance that it may cause irritation.




Use onion

Use onion to heal the boil as it contains antiseptic chemicals. It acts as an antimicrobial element and draws blood to the boil. Cut a slice of onion and put it over the boil. Cover the area with a cloth and keep changing the slice of onion every four hours. Do it until the boil heads up from the skin and burst out on its own.


Use garlic juice

Keep the area around the boil clean and directly apply one tablespoon of garlic juice on the boil. Garlic juice has antibacterial properties; keep it overnight and clean it with a cloth in the morning. The garlic juice will ripen the boil and let the pus come out of it. Make sure that the pus does not spread to other areas of your skin or it may cause more boils.


Milk cream

Use milk cream

Milk cream remedy is an effective treatment for boils. To cure boils, apply a mixture of a teaspoon of milk cream and half teaspoon of vinegar with a pinch of turmeric powder. This mixture is antibacterial because of the turmeric content. It helps in the healing of skin boils and does not cause any septic infection.


Use a warm compressor

It is important for the healing of the boil to increase the blood circulation in the affected area. You can do so by putting a hot water compressor on your boil. Your compressor should be a clean cloth soaked in hot water. Press it on the boil for 30 minutes; you can do it four to five times a day. This will effectively clean the affected area. Due to heat, the boil will grow up eventually, resulting in pus drain. Oozing out the pus from boil is important as the dead cells also get removed with it. Do not press the boil with your fingers to drain the pus out of it, but wait for bursting of the white head of the boil.

Also, keep in mind that cleanliness around the affected area further assists in the healing of the boils.


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