Here's How Vitamin C Benefits In Controlling High Blood Pressure

The danger of high blood pressure has become very common in today's life. Do you know that blood pressure is the nutshell result of a stressful life?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jan 16, 2020Updated at: Jan 16, 2020
Here's How Vitamin C Benefits In Controlling High Blood Pressure

A condition of low blood pressure is one in which the blood pressure in the blood vessels decreases significantly. 90/60 mm Hg is normally considered a low blood pressure condition. Actually what we eat and drink affects our heart, mind and all other organs of the body. A sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet have increased the risk of many diseases. One of these is the problem of blood pressure, which causes many serious diseases. An unhealthy diet has increased the risk of diseases such as heart attack and heart failure. Including vitamin C in your diet reduces the chances of heart diseases to a great extent. So today we are telling you how you can include vitamin C in your diet.

Doctors believe that due to the changes in lifestyle, almost every person is getting complaints about this in every household. But according to recent research, high levels of vitamin C in women help keep blood pressure low.


The main cause of high blood pressure is the thickening of the arterial walls from their normal size. Due to this, blood circulation in the body does not happen at a smooth pace and the heart has to work harder to pump blood.


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Include these foods filled with vitamin C in your diet


Amla has vitamin C equivalent to about three oranges, so if you eat only two amlas daily, there will never be a shortage of vitamin C in your body.


Capsicum contains a lot of antioxidants and is rich in vitamin C, which removes the stress of the brain and also lowers cholesterol in the body.


Grapes are both tasty and healthy. Grapes contain plenty of calories, fibre, as well as vitamin C and vitamin E. Daily intake of grapes, also increases lifespan.

Lemon juice

The best and cheapest source of vitamin C is lemon. The amount of vitamin C found in a lemon fulfils about half of your daily needs. If you drink lemonade on an empty stomach every morning, then along with your weight, both heart and blood pressure will be under control.



Orange is a good source of vitamin C and is also delicious. Along with boosting immunity, it gives you 51.1 mg of Vitamin C.

Other measures

  • Calcium is necessary for high blood pressure, so be sure to take at least 800 mg of calcium. It is obtained from three cups of milk.
  • Taking 3-4 buds of garlic daily also controls blood pressure.
  • Consuming 20 grams of fibre per day also reduces cholesterol and also decreases BP. The fibre in the diet can be obtained from bran, flour, pulses, fruits like apple, mango, banana, peach etc. and oatmeal porridge corn.

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