No More Hair Thinning, Bring These Herbs To Your Rescue

If you are worried about thinning and falling here, consume and apply these herbs for thicker hair.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 25, 2022 17:11 IST
No More Hair Thinning, Bring These Herbs To Your Rescue

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Thinning hair is the second most common hair problem after hair fall. Particularly when seasons change, hair fall is more prominent as climate has a huge role to play in hair care. In addition to this, lifestyle factors and diet also affect hair health. Hair become weak, brittle, thin and eventually fall. If you are troubled with these hair problems particularly thinning of hair, read this article as we tell you herbs that are proven in promoting hair growth. Both consumption and topical use of these herbs can bring amazing results.

5 Herbs for Thicker Hair

Ayurveda has all the solutions to your health woes. This time, we have picked herbs for hair thinning for you. Make sure you get these to avail the benefits.

Flase daisy or Bhringraj

Bhringraj is one of the potent ingredients in hair care products. You must have seen advertisements of bhringraj shampoo and oil. This is because it is an extremely beneficial hair care ingredient. But you can not only apply it but also consume for more benefits. If you can access bhringraj leaves, chew them daily to provide nutrition to your hair. This helps in strengthening the follicles to prevent premature falling of hair.

Herbs for Thicker Hair

Along with consuming, you can also apply bhringraj leaves and roots powder to your hair for double advantage. This might be slightly off in taste but you got to do it for the sake of your hair, right?

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Aloe Vera

Have you ever consumed aloe vera in any form? If not, start eating it now to make your hair thicker and stronger. Aloe vera is a potent beauty ingredient that neutralizes the pH of scalp and promoting hair growth. Aloe vera has supreme moisturising properties that keeps the scalp hydrated. Not just its topical application but you should also drink aloe vera juice daily to help your hair regrow and prevent hair thinning & falling.

Herbs for Thicker Hair

Spikenard or Jatamansi

Jatamansi works like a very special therapy for hair because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation of the scalp and protect it from contracting any scalp infection. Apart from this, if possible, you must also drink spikenard water daily to prevent hair fall and keep them shiny strong. Simply boil jatamansi root or powder and consume this liquid. Alternatively, you can also consume its powder with warm water.

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Triphala churna has innumerable health benefits if you consume it daily with warm water on an empty stomach. But here, we emphasize on the benefits of triphala for thicker, stronger hair. To make the most of it, mix triphala and amla powder together to consume it for hair growth. Both are rich sourced of vitamin C so, they promote blood circulation in the scalp to reduce thinning and falling of hair.

Herbs for Thicker Hair

Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng

Lastly, we have ashwagandha here. This contains tyrosine which is an amino acid that help in thickening of hair and strengthening the roots. Amino acid is a protein and as we all know our hair is made up of protein. In a nutshell, ashwagandha can make your hair thicker, longer and shinier. You can get this Indian ginseng capsules from Ayurvedic stores. However, it is best to get its root and boil a little part to make drink. Consuming this every alternate day would bring positive changes in your hair. 

All of these herbs when used as suggested can make your hair grow thicker with visible reduction in hair thinning & falling. Applying and consuming these herbs both can bring you surprising results.

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