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Incorporate These Liver-Friendly Habits For A Healthy Liver

Taking care of your liver is equally important as other organs of the human body. Follow these healthy habits.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jan 10, 2023 10:53 IST
Incorporate These Liver-Friendly Habits For A Healthy Liver

Liver is the most important organ in the body however, it is the organ that is commonly neglected when it comes to health. This year let us start with incorporating healthy living habits into our lifestyle. In this article, Dr. Anurag Shetty, Medical Gastroenterologist, KMC Hospital, Mangalore shares why liver health is important and how you can strengthen liver functions.

Why is the liver so important?

The liver is the largest solid organ in the body which is very important in the regulation of the daily functions of the body. It performs more than 500 functions in the body that are necessary for life. Cleaning harmful toxins from your blood, metabolising nutrients and medications, synthesis of proteins, secretion of bile, etc are some of the important functions of the liver. Liver diseases are known to contribute to 2 million deaths globally. Almost every 1 in 5 Indians is known to suffer from some form of liver disease. However, most of these liver diseases are easily preventable.

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How to prevent liver diseases?

Following are some healthy habits that you must incorporate in your life to improve your liver health:

Avoid excessive Alcohol: Do not drink more than one drink in a day for women and two drinks a day for men. If you’re already suffering from liver disease it is better to avoid alcohol altogether.

Healthy habits for liver health

Maintain healthy body weight: Avoid excessive weight gain and fat accumulation around your tummy and hips. Maintain BMI between 18 – 23 kg/Cm2 by consuming a healthy diet and exercising regularly to protect yourselves from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Healthy and balanced diet: Avoid high-calorie diets rich in fat (oil/Ghee/Vanaspati), sugar, and refined carbohydrates (Maida). Consume a diet rich in fibre like vegetables and fruits. Choose white meat (fish/chicken) over red meat (Mutton, beef, pork), etc.

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Avoid High-risk behaviour: Do not engage in unprotected sex with multiple sex partners. Do not indulge in illicit drug usage. This prevents transmission of viral Hepatitis B and C infection.

Vaccination: Effective vaccines are now available against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B

Habits for liver health

Maintain Good Personal hygiene: Simple measures such as washing hands after using the restroom, before eating or cooking food, consuming cooked food / Boiled water, etc can protect you from hepatitis A and E. Avoid sharing Razors, toothbrushes, needles, etc to protect yourselves from Hepatitis B and C.

Consult your doctor: Take appropriate medical care and screen for liver disease if you are having any of the risk factors for liver disease such as excessive alcohol intake, Family history of liver disease, overweight, diabetes, hepatitis B/C infection, etc.

Let us take a vow this new year to take better care of our liver and health by implementing healthy habits into our lifestyle thus reducing the overall burden of liver disease in the community. Small changes in our daily routine can go a long way in protecting us from liver diseases in the future. Take your health and wellness seriously to ward off potential illnesses and lead a disease-free life.