Health Blunders We All Make Every Day

The hustle of our daily lives gives us little space to examine all the habits that we follow. And, that is why we have put together different health habits that do us more bad than good.

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Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jan 06, 2019
Health Blunders We All Make Every Day

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we may make a few health mistakes here and there. Sometimes, the slip-ups happen unknowingly and at times we let them go. There are many common health mistakes that just about everyone makes on a day to day basis; below are some of them.

Rubbing Eyes

If you rub your eyes often, it can badly hurt this vital sensory organ. Rubbing eyes with a lot of pressure and frequency can lead to nerve damage, tears in the cornea, and even have dire implications for the retina. If you are feeling something and have to rub, be extra careful as to not use extreme pressure (particularly if you wear contact lenses).

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Touching the Face

It’s one of the habits that many fall prey to. If your hands automatically reach out for your face, you could get into trouble. Our hands come in contact with several contaminants which can enter the nose, eyes or mouth. 

Holding Urine in

We all have faced situations where we didn't have an option but to hold the urine in. It can sometimes create pressure build-up in the bladder and kidneys. Not only do these cause discomfort, but they can also cause infections. When nature calls, answer it right away.

Holding Farts in

Afraid of being embarrassed, we often suppress gas (in a closed space). Holding the gas in exerts pressure in your colon that creates sacs called “diverticula”. As a result, you end up having stomach problems and abdominal pain. 

Nose Picking

Picking your nose could cause you a lot of trouble. The habit can lead to cuts that result in infections, which can make you suffer badly. Nose picking can also lead to the nasal septum tear. 

Skipping Breakfast

Missing the first meal of the day is quite common. Skipping breakfast can make you feel less active and sluggish as a result of low energy levels. Studies link skipping breakfast to the risk of diabetes and obesity. In a nutshell, breakfast gives you a head-start and makes you more functional and therefore, you must not miss it. 

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Popping Zits

Skincare is a priority for most, but a lot of times we end up popping pimples on the face. Popping zits that are a result of dirt and bacteria accumulation can push back most of that dirt inside your skin and make it worse. Moreover, doing so may leave an ugly mark that is difficult to get rid of. One should let it rupture on its own.

Taking Inconsequential Stress

Most of the times, we let stress pile on instead of doing something about the problem. When stressed, you must relax and take a break. 

Now that you are aware of how the silliest of these habits can be troublesome, you can learn from your mistakes and change them for good. 

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